Becoming indispensable in 13 weeks of intense releasing your personal power coaching experience

  • Script yourself for success
  • Exceed your personal goals
  • Become indispensable and irresistible
  • Live the life of your dreams
  • Deploy the most effective human engineering technology to re-engineer yourself

-Build your own legacy
-Gain clarity on your life’s call
-Build a system that makes you indispensable
-Grow your impact & your profit
-Learn how to be truly happy and script the true life you want


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This is...

• Not a Webinar
• Not another Masterclass
• Not another Free-Training




I commit to teach you what it takes to truly discover your life and break away from self sabotaging and limiting beliefs. I will set you free from the powers that held you bound and help you create your desired life. You will learn the same strategies that has made me indispensable over the years and I have deployed to completely turn around the most difficult people, relationships and organizations.

I will devote time to train you weekly, so you can learn as quickly as possible.

I promise to never take advantage of our members, to always put them first and do whatever is within my strength to support them in their journey to greatness.

I commit to believe in you and never hold back from you whatever can help you maximize your life. I commit to provide you with the utmost respect and honor. I commit to help you release your personal power and give you access to like minds who can collaborate with you to create a world that we can all be proud of.
-Praise Fowowe

As a member of this TRIBE, you will learn the following...


Everyone has got power but not everyone will release their personal powers. I will help you discover your personal power, UNINSTALL your self sabotaging beliefs and master how to script your HAPPY LIFE and live life on your own terms without condemnation. You will master the most effective templates that can create your incredible life. 


The distance between our potentials and our actual results is in our beliefs and the systems we have unconsciously created. There is a success template that has been proven successful over the years. You will master how to create your success and intentionally track your progress


Your greatest assets remain people but there is a way to connect and retain them or else you may be going around in circles. I will be sharing with you the most effective connection template called SUPERIOR RELATIONSHIP SKILLS where you will master the 8 lines you must effectively navigate. You will learn the 4 relationship protocol and how to win and lead people effectively.


I have a 19year reputation of assisting couples create an incredible marital experience using the most effective template ever created on planet earth but will be relevant when humanity moves to Mars. You will master how to turn your marriage into a Tribe and how to build a system that power your reality and deliver your desired bliss.


I make no empty promises when I use these words. I will do as I say by showing you how to succeed as a parent and use one of the most effective template in SCRIPTING your child for success.

I created the New Rules of Parenting and The out of the box parenting model in use across different continents.

You will also master how to create your village and get others to become your clan and change the world.


You will learn how to heal from trauma and become your authentic self while you move from goals setting to GOAL SCORING which is the most effective achievement program that guarantees the result you truly desire.


There is much more I am going to teach you. I can't go into details here without looking like I am over-promising.

MEET Praise Fowowe


Praise Fowowe is an unconventional thinker, futurist and Premier creator and trainer of Family Systems Engineering a body of knowledge that assists families build systems that support their happiness.

As the Founder of the Institute of Family Engineering and Development Africa, he’s an internationally acclaimed Family life strategist, creative content creator and system improvement specialist. He has effectively worked with various governments, organizations and families in creating effective family response teams in different countries.

A highly innovative strategist blessed with original insights on relationships that have been applauded as one of the most effective family life strategists by the Family Life Coaching Association of America.

Praise Fowowe assists individuals, families and organizations create extra ordinary experience that delivers their outcomes using the most effective template ever created on planet earth and very relevant in Mars.


Praise is one of the best and the few go-to persons with effective interventions on family life certifications, Effective parenting strategies, Goal Scoring Matrix and people development process.


He is an authority in the field and frame of reference for many. He has developed several life changing contents that have assisted family life professionals become more effective and accurate in case diagnosis.


As the global creator and trainer of Family Systems Engineering certification program, Praise assists stakeholders with tools and strategies that helps them accurately diagnose marital cases and resolve them within the shortest possible time.

He loves to troubleshoot systems and create faster solutions to people and family life relationship issues.

Trusted by:



The goal is to build the most effective tribe of influencers creating innovative solutions that transform our society in service to God and humanity.

When everyone is able to discover their power and operate at their potential level then they can collaborate with others to create a formidable force that becomes indispensable to our world. 

We believe we have all it takes to own a space in our world and determine what happens everywhere we find ourselves.



In my early days of development one of my biggest challenges was finding the right mentor to partner with. The need for a mentor is important, but not everyone has a true desire to serve, support and contribute. Through this platform, I want to help bridge the gap for you so you can go from where you are today to whatever your next steps will be exposing you to some of the best minds available.


 My goal is to build an army of empowered change agents. People that will travel the world with me, who are willing to use their resources to do incredible work across the globe extending their success templates across the globe. Ones not just interested in visiting villages in third world countries, but ones interested in offering their skill sets to empowering others to become all they have been created to BE!

We are building a formidable tribe that sees man as man made in God’s image without any form of discrimination.

Adenike Ogunlesi.


I never knew the level of knowledge Praise Fowowe exhibits existed in Africa until I came across him and took some of his courses. It was the beginning of a journey into clarity that has totally changed my life and my organization.

With Praise I have a confidant I can share anything with and so sure of clarity. He has been the resident coach of our organization and my people have never remained the same.

Zuriel Olowe

Creative Director – Play world

Show Praise Fowowe the problem and you can go to bed because he will create the right intervention that can solve your complex problem with simple solutions.

He has been my coach and more than a coach because he is much more than you can describe him.

My journey into becoming the number 1 play educator has all been down to his coaching

Edwin Biayebo

I have been a pastor for years and I have been through all kinds of training but Praise Fowowe is a redefinition of life for me because I gained clarity sitting for 7days in class. It was my most exciting moment and I have not recovered because I have gone on to launch my family life coaching system.

Patricia Omoqui

Mr. Fowowe challenges cultural norms in a way that catalyzes Nigerians to become active in

transforming their homes and their communities. And now, he has been sharing his work with

Americans as a committee member of the Family Life Coaching Association based in the United

States. There is no recognized labor organization having the expertise in Mr. Fowowe’s area of practice and research.

Ayodeji Lawrence

I don’t just call him my coach for nothing because he is an effective catalyst through and through.

I got in touch at a point I was tired of everything and by taking me under his wings I gained clarity and redefined my life.

My income shot up beyond my wildest imagination simply because he worked with me. Praise transformed everything around me including my family

Tade Cash

As the owner of a multi-million dollar real estate company Praise has been my coach and mentor from the early days and his strategy has been invaluable in transforming our systems.

He has a way with cracking the most difficult issues with smiles on his face.

I am proud to call him my coach

Joy K.

AI was battling with my sexuality, confidence, and insecurity and I had almost given up on myself. I always thought that I'd never recover from the traumas I had and from the voices of negativity in my head. Praise fowowe the was introduced to me by my mother and just one session with him gave me a different perspective of thinking and reasoning. Though I thought I would never come out of my dark shell but then I had to buckle down and start working on myself to become the ME I wanted to be. He helped me accomplish the best version of myself and today I am proud to say that just that one session with him was a session well spent and with subsequent coaching I broke totally free.



I was in a bad shape when I took this coaching course and I bet it was my best investment as it totally turned my life around. I can’t even start to talk about the changes in my life.

Human engineering changed my life totally and today I am living my best life

OmoT .


I was dealing with divorce and severe trauma when I took this coaching program. I got my life back and got a new job during the entire session. This has been about my best investment.
13 intense weeks repositioned my life forever



My self worth took a major hit and was in one of the most difficult moments of my life. The coaching program helped me evaluate things and layer upon layer I rebuilt my life. I am a proud alien because everything is now falling in place for me. Everyday is magical because I live in bliss and it’s unbelievable what I am experiencing 

Njideka .

South Africa

The coach taught me to think bigger than where I was when I joined and when I see the breakthroughs I am experiencing I know this coaching program works.
Creating my ritual and routines were the high points for me and now I am attracting my dream deals and dream life.

What You Will Get

  • Weekly Mentorship: Weekly training to help you create your desired future and transform your life.
  • ​Live Training: Every class is live, interactive and recorded for future access.
  • Pre-Meeting Questionnaire: Submit your question before each meeting.
  • Practical Application:  Apply what you learn and come back for more training.
  • ​On-Demand Access: Missing a class is not a problem. You have access anywhere, anytime!
  • Community: You are no longer alone. You can see what others are doing.

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