5 tips to enjoying your spouse

There are several tips available and while I applaud many of them my 19years of working with troubled relationships has helped me figure out the greatest tips couples need to pay attention to.


  1. Hack into your spouse - Too many couples never ever maximize their spouse simply because they are too fixated on what they think they want rather than seek to unravel the amazing benefits packaged in their factory fitted spouse. 

There is a lot more to your spouse than you have ever enjoyed. Often times your spouse is not even aware.

For example I ran a class at a couple's retreat in New York City a few years ago and it became apparent that not a single couple had explored or discussed their fantasies.

The moment I asked them to discuss it it was a light bulb moment for folks who have slept in the same room for 20years.


You know why they never discussed it? There was a program installed by religious taboos on their brain that made each person wallowed in self condemnation over what human beings should be able to freely discuss.


The mails from them months after got me on my knees in gratitude to God as they shared how the sessions had radically transformed their bedroom.


If romance is responding to the order of your VIP spouse as a VIP waiter who wants to permanently keep the guest how on earth would you serve a dish that was not ordered or prepare what you don't fully understand?


There are 11 critical areas you must articulate and there is a tool called the user's manual which is the most effective tool in assisting you hack your spouse so that you can unlock their code and maximally enjoy him/her. It will take you about 4hours for you and your spouse to get this sorted and if you are single this helps you fully understand who you are and what you truly need in a spouse. 


Do you want to hack into your spouse's server and be able to download at will? Then you need to prepare yours as well as get them to articulate theirs. You can get it all sorted here https://www.iampraisefowowe.com/offers/osaSJcKo/checkout


To be continued 


Praise Fowowe 

Premium family life strategist



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