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spirituality Jan 09, 2022

There is a book in the Bible called Acts of the Apostles. Not many know that it simply means the ‘Actions of the Apostles’ not the noise or the complaints of the apostles. What are your acts?


Somehow there is so much entitlement mentality by many who feel they are just special yet doing nothing. Your actions which deliver your results is the direct feedback to you of how powerful or valuable you are. Your power is not in the number of hours you pray or how many of you gather; it is in the results you are all are able to produce which is measurable.


‘The intelligent, strategic and knowledge driven PRAYERS (words+thoughts +actions) of a man in alignment with God makes tremendous Power (ideas, solutions, innovation) available (on a frequency) dynamic (in an out of the box format or unpredictable format) in its workings(operation or manifestation)’ – My paraphrase


The big question you need to ask today is ‘Will you ever deliver the life you truly desired if you change nothing’? Any activity you have engaged in that has not delivered your outcomes in 3years must be re-examined.


Everyone you want to be like took actions inspite of their fears. So, rise today and create your own new reality and become a Saviour. There is that first step you can take today. Go ahead and do it afraid and share your experience with me.