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Have you been captured?

effectiveness parenting woekplace Jan 09, 2022

There are 4 stages everyone on this planet go through unfortunately many never leave level 1 which is the level called domestication.

Domestication is where majority of the people on this planet remain which is why you have more followers than leaders.


At the level of domestication, you are someone else’s script and you are not even aware and when you sometimes become aware you are too afraid to take your life back because you don’t want to offend those you have set as authorities over your life.


At this level you are bound by rules and regulations whose origin you sometimes don’t understand but you defend them with your life and when people who truly care show you a better way you doubt it because there is the inner fear of not losing face.


People here feel safer to blame someone else for their state and they follow all sorts of recommendations and become very loyal to it even when they can’t really point at visible changes in their lives. They create a narrative that gives them consolation and makes them postpone their bliss and joy to a future date that is undefined. They have no inner joy and fulfilment, but they have mastered the act of acting to mask their inner pain. 


It doesn’t mean the person here is not wealthy. He may be so rich but living in fear and unfulfilled because he is afraid of death hence zoned his life into another person, he feels safe under thinking he is fully secured.


Praise Fowowe