Chuks graduated from a prestigious University and it wasn't a problem getting his dream job after all his dad was well connected. He grew up with a retinue of house helps who were always there to serve him and even now that he has rented his apartment he has 3 domestic helps. He hadn't been lucky with relationships however because of his bad temper but his mum is on his neck to get married and produce a grandchild for her. The young man is under serious pressure but not even his mum is aware that he is an accidental spouse in waiting.

Yemisi on the other hand suddenly woke up at 33 and felt her biological clock was ticking and decided to marry Emma one of the nation's finest musicians who has a history of baby mamas but has been counselled by his mentor to get married to curb his uncontrollable sexual desires.

They both met on set during a movie award where Yemisi coasted home 5 awards having become the hottest actress and always on the front pages of every fashion magazine. No red carpet is complete without her and they both announced to the world that they were soul mates. But in 6months they were headed for divorce courts in what became a messy affair. Unknown to Yemisi she had become too independent to be interdependent and with both of them becoming so used to red carpets and paparazzis none was willing to serve the other - they were both accidental spouses.

Accidental spouses are made when we push people into getting married without grooming them for the roles and we expect marriage to change a self sabotaging pattern that should have been confronted and professionally handled.

Do you know any accidental spouse who is about to dance to the altar or are you in an accidental marriage?

Truth is there is always a way out of every situation you are in but often times we feel our destiny is to change a troubled spouse when the key to change is actually within us and not in someone else. 

If happiness is creating and protecting the heaven within you in a way that the hell without loses its power over you then the first responsibility must be to yourself till a toast to your personal happiness is achieved because an unhappy you can never influence a troubled spouse. 

To be continued 

I honour you


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