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A man told me that he is only accountable to God and I laughed because if God never wanted him to be accountable to any other human he wouldn’t have been born by human beings; wouldn’t have learnt ABC from anyone and God would have everything he needs  dropped directly from heaven. It is amazing how many of us lie to ourselves to escape reality. I still repeat today that anyone  without any authority figure like a mentor over his life is on his way to becoming a beast.

 We all need someone to call us to order and we can’t survive without such. As a matter of fact a Jewish Proverb says in the multitude of counsel there is safety and another says a child left alone will come to ruin. A lot of men have been destroyed because they have chosen not to be accountable. There must be a system around you that checks your life and all you do and that is why there is chaos where laws are absent. Why do we have a balcony in every house? Why do we have traffic lights and road signs?

 Human nature can’t survive without accountability so your money is not just your money; it is the family’s money and you need to account for every penny even if you were the one that earned it. It was one of the most difficult decisions for me to make when my mentor taught me about it but one of the best decisions I have also made because my wife holds me accountable for every penny earned every week and together we plan how to disburse which has given me rest in my finances.

 You need to accountable for your relationships or else you wouldn’t know at what point you have started going beyond your boundaries or how do you explain the fact that you are the running around to help a single girl secure accommodation at the expense of your time with your wife and you don’t expect her to confront you? If your ways were right you wouldn’t get angry when she checks on you. Who are you accountable to and who can you be honest with? 

I have carefully studied history and realize how tyrannical leaders who had no accountability ruled and how badly almost all of them ended.

 May we all end well

 To be continued

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