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The best place to stop an intruder is at the gate and not when you have served him dinner inside your bedroom

One of my mentors once told me that there are two ways to kill a lion – either you engage it in a combat and kill it if you are lucky just that you may have a few scars if you are strong enough. But there is another way which is to avoid a lion because a lion will naturally die for lack of prey. 

Too many times accidental spouses show signs and other times they even have a huge bill board with warning signs. Unfortunately, the passengers never read the warning signs because they are too much in love to see.

Here are some warning signs that shows when to run;

  • When you are seeing someone, who tells you he/she doesn’t believe he/she has to be accountable to any human being and goes further to say he is only accountable to God – RUN
  • When he/she says marriage is strictly between the man and his wife and God alone and no one else – RUN
  • When he/she claims the only person that can call him/her to order is dead – RUN
  • When he/she tells you that what he/she earns is none of your business and what he/she does with his money is none of your business – RUN
  • When he/she has a pattern of running away from correction and getting upset with those who can genuinely help – RUN
  • When he/she tells you he doesn’t believe in counseling sessions even when it is obvious that is what can help – RUN
  • When he or she feels there is something special about them that makes them superior to you – RUN
  • When your opinion doesn’t count and he/she must have the final say in every matter including bullying you into submission – RUN

Listen, the best time to wear your spike shoes is before you say Yes! I do. Once you are already in this accidental marriage there are strategies that can assist you influence the driver in the direction they should go but you will have to stoop and get into character just to win.

To be continued.

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