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The third important check you have to troubleshoot is the culture of your spouse which is basically powered by his/her beliefs. Unknown to many couples the beliefs they are often willing to die for are beliefs whose origin they have never examined and our unwillingness to shift from a belief that doesn’t promote the best interest of all eventually harms a marriage that could have been salvaged.

 When you hear the verse of the Bible that says ‘Don’t be unequally yoked together with an unbeliever’ what comes to your mind?

One gap we frequently miss from that verse is the word ‘Unbeliever’ which is an English word that means someone who doesn’t believe your beliefs. The person may not necessarily be a bad person, it just simply means the person is not the right fit for your beliefs and where you want to go. For example, if a man believes only his wife should cook and it is disgraceful for a man to cook but she believes everyone should cook that man is an unbeliever to her and she is an unbeliever to him. He is not a bad man it is just that he must now look for a believer of his beliefs and there are many women who fit the bill.

 Unfortunately, too many people marry unbelievers of their beliefs and spend a lifetime trying to convert him/her. When they eventually show up in my sessions the first assessment, I run is a culture compatibility test which often shows the real problem which now leads us to a beliefs alignment session. In 20years of working with people I am amazed at how little people know about the power of their beliefs.

  • Your beliefs are convictions you have held to be true not necessarily the truth. They are a feeling of certainty about a thing.
  • Your beliefs determine how you see the world the quality of life you live
  • Your beliefs can either empower or sabotage you because it can make you say no to what you truly want because it didn’t come in the form expected.
  • Your beliefs is the greatest prison anyone can be in especially when they are limiting and so powerful that sometimes it never responds to pain yet the greatest freedom that anyone can experience.
  • The greatest carriers of truth are often the greatest carriers of error therefore it becomes easy to embrace a disempowering belief because he/she said so
  • Truth must never be dependent on who said it; it must be dependent on its ability to deliver on promise consistently.

To be continued


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