I invested 6hours with a group of top executives in a particular sector 2days ago  and it was fun sharing all I have learnt over the years with these amazing people but it also brought to the fore the fact that loads of people are faking things when marriage actually died a long time ago.  One thing that stood out for all of them was how nobody actually asked them why they wanted to marry? It just felt natural to do once they got a job only to get in and see the gaps created by the questions they never asked/.  

How does a man marry a woman & stifle her growth or forbid her from fully expressing her potentials because of his own insecurity that masks itself as care for the family? A lot of women are depressed at the moment simply because their flights have been compromised by men who seek to clip their wings yet society have counseled that they set up a ‘war room’ as if that room is a magical room that miraculously stops masculine bad behavior?

A lot of women have also zoned their entire sponsorship into the hands of their men under the self sabotaging belief of ‘His money is our money even if I don’t bring in anything’

How many times have we also heard that it takes a woman to make a home work that makes you wonder how well she can sustain that model when the man is bent on sabotaging all her efforts? Often times I even hear people say things like ‘You need marriage to become responsible’ yet what they never tell us is that an irresponsible single may never become a responsible spouse.

A lot is wrong that we need to fix and while we will continue to assist troubled marriages we must begin to prevent troubled or emotionally traumatized people from getting into marriage hoping that marriage will make them happy. A car with a faulty engine or bad tyres may not arrive its destination and that it struggled to make it to its final destination doesn’t excuse the risk of allowing that car on the road.

We can prevent marital accidents by ensuring we reduce accidental spouses through effective premarital counseling and effective parenting which was why I spent a lot of time last year creating content that can assist in these two areas and also help those already in strategically get their groove back and tactically influence their difficult spouse.

To be continued

I honour you.


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