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family marriage and family life Feb 22, 2021




‘An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity’

Martin Luther King, Jr.


News flash: Hurricane Matthew kills 19 people in US, flooding in North Carolina


What is your internal response?

Did you feel indifference or your heart skipped a little because you could literally feel the pain of those who lost someone dear and those that lost their properties?

Did you simply thank God for keeping you away from such zone & move on with your life as if those killed were not human beings?

Often times we brag about our love for others but when opportunities present itself to express love we display our true reality of lack of concern for humanity and exactly that same pattern or thought process is behind domestic violence, adultery & other reasons responsible for marital breakdown.


That feeling of ‘I really don’t care about what others feel and what happens to them as long as I am fine’ or ‘God is simply judging them because they don’t belong to our own religion’


A proper human being will consider how his actions affects others & how his personal irresponsibility may not be private afterall because it will affect someone else. It is good to fall for his/her religion but can you check his/her humanity?


So you met him beating his ex-girlfriend & he told you it was because she cheated on him with another & you still went ahead to fall for him without reflecting on his inability to resolve conflict with communication as against violence? Fast forward into 2years into marriage you now accuse him of domestic violence?


Truth is he never changed you were the one that failed to do spot his messed up humanity & that is if yours is still intact as well because asking a ‘human thing’ to drive a ‘human being’ will produce an accident.

People often assume that they will behave well with their spouses even when they misbehave with others and treat them with scorn forgetting that patterns are predictors of future and the way we do one thing is often the way we do many other things.


Is your humanity intact?


I honour you.

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