Bursting the cycle of PAIN

family love Feb 25, 2021



Pain is real and we can’t wish it away or pretend it doesn’t exist.

The subcoscious part of the human man chronicles a record of everything that has happened to us since we were born and they are all stored using the meaning we ascribed to it at the time they happened.

Your mind has got what looks like different faculties with similar information stored in the category they belong. For example every happy perceived happy moment is stored in your bliss channel while every perceived sad moment is stored in your horror movie channel. Every perceived relaxation is stored in your serenity channel and so on.

The amazing thing about our mind however is that it doesn’t know the difference between what is simulated and what is real. Which means sometime when you see a movie or listen to a story that involves the pains of others your mind can interpret it as your pain and store in your horror channel. If you don’t take control of your mind and change the meaning at that level your horror movies can begin to secret unpleasant hormones into your body which can unsettle your ease of living or what we call DIS-EASE

 Some cancers have been linked to unforgiveness and trauma for example and that is why every man must master how to create a pleasant meaning out of every unpleasant situation because we are all a meaning making machine.

 Usually when pain happens humanity starts to look for stop gaps that makes us momentarily forget or numb the pain and that is the psychology of addictive behaviors or self sabotaging patters such as drugs, sex, booze and several activities that gives the feel good effect momentarily but never permanently resolves the issue.

 This is where we all need to choose a professional to work with so that we can fully heal. If we choose not to confront the horror movies and change their meanings it will create a sabotaging effect in our relationships

 To be continued  


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