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family marriage and family life Feb 18, 2021



Tip 1: HUMANITY CHECK – I have met loads of highly religious people but I am not sure I have interfaced with too many human beings whose humanity is still intact and hasn’t been tampered with in the last few years and that includes me.

Sadly, we have taught people over time that they need to change religion for them to be sane but what we have failed to do is to examine the damage that has been done to their humanity and find a way to get it restored.

- Why would a human being look at another being and feel superior to that being on the basis of gender, race or religion?

- Why would an adult perpetually find it difficult to take a decision unless he gets approval from another adult?

- Why would a husband hit his wife simply because she doesn’t agree with him & attribute it to the devil?

- Why would someone talk down others or talk to people anyhow because he/she feels He/she has authority over them?

- Why should a human being feel his car & bank account should be enough to impress another being & subdue her will to ask vital questions about his values?

There is no way someone whose humanity is lost or has been tampered with can act right because his effort to think right is already sabotaged by the processor through which he perceives reality.
The humanity in us is what makes us see ourselves in others and express love and empathy. That is the part of us that makes us value the human life, deal with equity and show respect for everyone we see. But once that is missing dysfunctionality begins to masquerades itself as ‘my weakness’ & once that is excused without being fixed an accidental spouse makes his/her way into marriage.

A compromised humanity is an accidental spouse loading. That is why people can be religious yet mean to their fellow beings.  Is your humanity still intact? 

To be continued 

I honour you.

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