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“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” 
― Thomas Paine

The fourth attribute of accidental spouse is  lack of accountability.

One consistent advice I have given to singles all through the years is never get married to a guy/lady who is not accountable or has got no mentor or someome he/she defers to because we are not built to be independent.

“Power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely” this is why it is characteristic of military heads of states to run a tyrannical government because they have absolute powers. Everyone needs that one person in his/her life that can call him/her to order and the absence of that figure can spell doom for a man.

There must be someone in your life you respect enough to obey even when you are not sure of what he/she is saying. Unfortunately, lots of married men/women would rather confide in people who don’t have that authority over them such as single girls, club friends or even fellow autocrats.

Think about a class without a teacher; a church without a pastor; a country without a president or a department without a line manager; a ship without a sailor or an airplane without a pilot. Everything and everyone in life must have a measure of control and don’t tell me God is the one that controls you because God has placed human control around you so that you don’t misbehave.

When a spouse is not accountable at all he/she is an accident waiting to happen. Don’t fall for ‘I am accountable to God alone’ syndrome because a man who can’t be accountable to a human being we can see may not be fully accountable to God.

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