On Course creation & Selling

I know there are many voices out there asking everyone to go and create their courses. While this is good the truth however is not everyone will create their own course however everyone can sell courses with proven results.

I recently interviewed some top earners and was shocked to find out that they earned a lot selling courses created by other people.

When Covid started I started teaching my tribe on the 4 different levels that will exist post covid and where they must position.

1. Unique content providers - These are folks who can research and create original content. Not many people can function here because it takes a lot to create courses that truly work.
This is where my strength is as you must have noticed how I created original content daily in 140 days before my health instructed me to stop. Research is my life and finding what truly works but I have discovered that not many can put in the shift. You don't have to beat yourself if you can't feature here as there are other areas.

2. Unique platform providers - These are the tech guys who understand the back end of things and can perform magic with content produced by content providers. These guys are the ones who can create and own platforms and sometimes they own no content themselves save the system that drives everything else. Uber is a classic example here and there is a lot of money here. The problem I have found however here lately is the quest by folks here to move to 1 even when they are not naturally skilled at creating content.

Trust me many people in category 1 are willing to offer as high as 30% to folks here only if you have proven results.

3. Unique platform managers - These are marketers and sales people who can function as affiliate marketers. This is the easiest entry system and this space makes it easy for everyone to earn. The challenge here is many of the folks here are deceived and often in a hurry. What they see is the numbers peddled not the process and time they have to put in and sometimes too impatient because of the quest to hammer.

Everyone presently working as front desk officers, administrators and marketers must pay attention to the skills set required here. There are new rules of engagement and you must be willing to update your skills here but it is a sweet space to function because those in 1 and 2 need you and those in 1 especially don't mind having you. What you must shoot for here is commission if you
know your onions and you must not be ashamed of selling other people & solutions.

4. Unique content consumers - This the last set and this is where all of us play. The challenge with this group however is their frustrations at the hype by 1,2,3 which has not delivered on promise so they are becoming fatigued because they have been bitten by too many people who sold them solutions that was too watery to deliver on promise. But they still exist and looking for credible solutions that can solve specific problems. Their language is also changing hence those in 3 must pay attention and interview them to know what they are thinking.

My recommendation is to find the first borns of each of these categories and go to them for mentoring or at least look for the value you can add to them for them to show you the real secrets of thriving in each of these spaces.

There is more than enough that can go around if we are not greedy and if we are all proud of our space. If everyone can understand where they are in the chain because we all need one another unfortunately our inability to collaborate has robbed each group of a slice of the big pie which unfortunately has given birth to so many 'audio' numbers being used for marketing purpose.

One thing we must all know is that people talk to themselves and once you are found out as a fraud it becomes tough to bounce back because people first buy into us before anything that comes out of us.

If we are not selfish and too desperate we can all thrive at the end of the day.

I hope this helps


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