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family marriage and family life Feb 23, 2021




When the humanity of a person is compromised it is almost impossible for that person to live as a healthy human being because such will develop a world view that he/she would assume is the only world view that exist and sentiments will take the place of rational thinking.


For example I have worked in therapy with loads of people who talk supernatural but have never explored the natural because they have been wrongly taught that there is something wrong with being natural. They forget that super is the extra on the natural which is why they can be highly religious yet unable to effectively relate with the next man.


Somehow the concept of supernatural makes them believe they are immune to what others go through yet their daily reality shows them something is fundamentally wrong which they would rather die than address. The highest expression of supernatural is LOVE for God and Humanity and once those two are missing what you will likely have is syncretism.


In my work with singles the first thing that shows up in their list of their desired spouse is ‘GOD FEARING’ yet they have not really taught through how to measure God fearing because they themselves don’t know what it is. They measure it using zeal and activities forgetting that fruits of the spirit is often superior to the gifts of the spirit.


Humanity is measured in our degree of love for God and for humanity because if we can’t love the man we can see how do we claim to love a God we can’t see.


So today;

  1. See everyone through the eyes of God without passing judgement. Just focus on them as man, made in God’s image and nothing more
  2. Seek to accept, respect, understand and love unconditionally as you walk through life today
  3. When you spot what doesn’t resonate with your concept of right and wrong in them ask the WHY and HOW question instead of WHAT. This will move you from judgement to empathy
  4. Figure out what to learn and how you can help and assist.
  5. Nurture and love yourself so well that when you are crushed what comes out of you is the energy of love.

Wholeness is a state we must all aspire to get to and our humanity is a state we must embrace and celebrate at all times so that we can connect and collaborate with others to achieve marital miracles.


To be continued

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