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family systems engineering approach Sep 24, 2020

The US Travel Restrictions - The Family Systems Engineering response 

One of the core modules we teach at the Institute of Family Engineering and development during the Family Systems Engineering Certification program is the Family Immigration systems. 

And that module is premised on the fundamental thought that says 'It could be detrimental to the peace of your family to grant permanent residency to people you have not filtered through your family values. It goes further to say anyone that upset the peace of the family systems you want to build is a domestic terrorist and you must find a way to ease them out' 

There is usually a lot of argument in class each time we teach this because for a continent that is used to deploring emotions for decisions as against systems it becomes very tough to process why you may need to evict your brother inlaw who is disrupting the peace of your family by being rude to your wife and has refused to change. 

Unknown to many Family systems Engineering Program defines marriage as the coming together of a man and woman from two different nations(families) to build a new nation that will promote the best interest of all and whose culture will give our world rest. Our core presupposition for the course is built on the family being the most important nation on earth and it being the production factory of the society. 

America is a territory just as your family is a territory. America understands the need for peace within her borders and therefore has deployed a decision that is data backed because they can no longer trust the ability of Nigerians to align with the ultimate vision of America. 

Trust me this decision unfortunately will affect loads of innocent people as i witnessed first hand at the embassy the rate at which people were refused visas but one thing i also observed was that the loyalty of the visa officers was to the interest of America and not the desires of Nigerians. 

Donald Trump is not our enemy because the moment we prove that our citizens are worthy of being in America by creating the ideal leadership that delivers on what they were elected to change that stance will change. 

The basic principle of family systems intelligence says that no system will stand the test of time whose entry system is porous. It also goes further to say that systems are not emotional because an emotional system will affect the final output. 

Let me bring this home to help us better understand how emotions is what is responsible for where we are and until we embrace systems intelligence more nations will do exactly what America has done. 

You have a brother who comes to live in your house but is always rude to your wife and has refused to change. What is your response? Emotions 

We throw a narrative that says the wife is the stranger and the bond of family must not break forgetting that your wife is the Vice President of that territory and equally as powerful as the President. We trade loyalty for our new nation for loyalty for our originating nation and allow the originating nation to upset the peace of the new nation we want to build. 

Even when it becomes clear that your brother has become a domestic terrorist we accommodate him till your kids starts to pick his lifestyle because he will mess up the quality of the culture you are trying to build. He later graduates to sexually molesting your kids which should land him in jail but what is our response? 

Of course EMOTIONS because family members are going to rise and your mother is likely going to cry and beg for forgiveness till he is set free again. 

To create a continent that works couples must begin to understand the need for effective family systems which is what our certification seeks to address because with that systems you are able to create a clear family vision, mission, values, DNA codes and constitution that helps you create a clear culture that delivers your mutual peace. 

The moment one of you start to dance to the tune of your originating nation or external influence out of emotions. Unknown to you what you are doing is the ceding the territorial integrity of your new nation to external influence which will ultimately lead to re-colonization. 

The best time to lay down the marker is before you get married and in case you are married it is never to late to install the family systems engineering approach because your family is a nation and your family is what we need to create a society that works. 

Donald Trump is a typical husband who has decided to deploy systems to protect the peace and culture of his nation irrespective of the emotions of other nations and if more husbands can protect their entry systems like he has done we may witness less crisis which is often fueled by outlaws. Donald Trump's campaign mantra was America First. Have you placed your family first? 

While what the US has done may not be perfect and may make genuine people suffer it is also a call for all of us to aggressively embrace a systems based family template so that we can start to produce new leaders who understand how systems work and even electorates who will no longer vote people out of sentiments but by clear data of what they have delivered. 

Donald Trump is not our enemy; he has just taught us a lesson on systems intelligence through the immigration system which your own family can also adopt. 

How strong is your family immigration system? 


Praise Fowowe 

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