The power of your RITUAL - 2

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The power of your RITUAL & ROUTINE  – 2

Here are a couples of facts about your ritual and routine


  • There is no greatness without a great routine
  • Every time you seek greatness without an intentional routine you set yourself up for accidental success
  • Routine makes giants and routine keep giants
  • Show me a global icon that has totally fallen off the cliff of greatness; I will show you a man who stopped paying attention to the routine that brought him to stardom
  • Your routine is the behaviour code that takes you in the direction of your destination and if you get the code right success is simply an effect
  • The bane of many is not understand the routine that must deliver the success they seek
  • If you get the routine wrong it is almost impossible to get the result right except by divine providence

Your routine is the sure route to delivering the result you desire. It is actually the prophesy that points you to your greatness and the action part of part of prayers that births answers

The most important aspect of creating a routine however is to first discover who you truly want to be and that must be done with an open mind. There is an image of you that scares you because you are afraid you don’t have the means to achieve it or you feel it will attract all sorts of criticism from those you respect. That may likely be your authentic life. Until you embrace it as your life’s call every routine you create will lead you to a normal end which may not birth fulfilment.




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