What do you see?

Jul 22, 2021

It was the harvest festival on a Sunday and everyone was asked to come in their traditional attire and my friend bro. Egunjobi James Oluwaseun showed up in this Egungun attire.

Nobody knew he was the one;

A group saw this as a desecration of the house because a masquerade dared to come into the church and danced with everyone. This group failed to ask the critical question - If this guy was truly evil how come he did not bow at the name of Jesus since demons should tremble at the mention of that name?

Another group became scared because they felt a heavenly being had come to church and they were mostly scared because they considered this heavenly being to have other sources of power outside the power of God. Even though there was nothing on this guy outside his uniform, they already took a position

A smaller group just saw a guy who was extravagantly and differently dressed from everyone else. They were the group that joined the guy to dance.

Yet another group in Spain felt this was a carnival and they were cursing their luck for not making it down to record this amazing scene.

Meanwhile to Bro. Egunjobi, it was a day to remember the costume that earned his father respect among earthly beings and automatically changed people's perception of him into a heavenly being and made them give him money each time he wore it when he was alive.


  1. We see things the way we are not necessarily the way they are
  2. There are many more interpretations to every issue. What you have chosen to believe is as a result of your memorized behaviour and your bias
  3. Where you are determines how you see
  4. Nothing means anything except the meaning you attach to it
  5. To him that is pure all things are pure.
  6. We all have the tendency of judging inappropriately those who don't look or dress like us. 

I await your comments

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