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What happened to your HUMANITY?

family marriage and family life Feb 19, 2021



The late Nelson Mandela once said that if evil can be taught it then means good can be taught.

A child comes into this world with a clean slate but the world he grows into installs diverse programs into him that eventually shapes him into something else.

No one was born with anger and none was born with violence and terrorism. None was born with sex addiction and no one came here with mediocrity.

Every bad behavior was learnt or in my words installed by everyone in your history that your "system" was vulnerable to.

I sometimes study the beauty and the beast of the world and marvel at how terrorists find their way into marriages and produce children and I wonder who those children would grow up to become?

I also observe and wonder the mentality kids born in war thorn nations would grow up to have and the kind of spouse they would turn out to be.

We are human beings not human things and the tenets that guides our humanity  is being humane which is summarized as "Do unto others what you want them to do to you and love your neighbor as yourself"

The simplicity of our humanity has unfortunately been corrupted by the complexity of our selfishness which manifests in our quest to rule over others.

So Sade was sexually molested at 7 by her uncle the preacher and raped at 13 by Jude the teacher. Now she has grown into a bitter woman but Mary her mother pesters her to bring home a lover so that she can become a wife.

What kind of spouse would she be when her humanity was already messed up and no one took responsibility for her healing?

Human beings become human things and human things who have lost touch with how to live as humans become accidental spouses reproducing accidental discharge.

Is your humanity still intact?

Until the first line of expression attains wholeness again we will keep papering the cracks which creates a broken edge that opens us up to many sabotaging behavior that does not promotes our marital wellness. 


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