Rebuilding a continent from the Family

Often times we all complain about what we see across the continent of Africa and that makes you wonder if our leaders were imported from another continent to punish us for a sin our fore fathers committed.
We all scream and shout on social media yet do nothing afterwards.
Sermons upon sermons have been preached on the need for us to be more righteous but corruption has become a culture across the continent of Africa.
Policies upon policies have been formulated and countless of committees have been sitting since i was born and have come up with vision 2000, 2010, 2020 and 2030. Unfortunately several billions were spent on some of these ‘HYPE’ and those years came by and we never held anyone accountable or ask questions.
How did we get to the state where leadership can’t be questioned across board? A people give funds to a system weekly yet feel unqualified to ask for the audited account of the same organization. How did we get to this level where the life of the big man...

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Tade got married to Tokunbo in the year 1995 and being the first born of his family his siblings always lived with him but because he was ready to settle down he had to move out of the family house to rent his own apartment.
He got a lovely place in Onikan area of the west African city of Lagos, Nigeria and was 3months into a lovely marriage when Yemi his first cousin showed up unannounced in front of his house with her luggage claiming her father sent her parking.
Tade was partly trained by her father Uncle Jones and knew how much of pain she had been to the family but he was so fond of her being his favorite and felt a sense of responsibility towards her. His wife didn’t like the idea but because he was bent on helping Yemi they allowed her in.
The moment Yemi came in peace eluded Tade’s marriage as Yemi was always at loggerheads with Tokunbo. She would not raise a finger to assist and would sometimes insult her because according to her ‘I am in my brother’s...

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Mr. Khumalo had become tired of his marriage because he felt his wife no longer respects him. She had always been a serial entrepreneur but he never really allowed her work because he was working with a reputable bank in Pretoria. He went to work while he insisted she stayed at home to take care of the children which did not go down well with her but had to obey him just to keep her marriage. But even while at home her restless spirit managed to set up an online shop and she built a delivery system that required someone else to do the leg work for her and started earning funds that her husband was not aware of.
Interestingly, he had bought a number of items on his wife’s online shop without knowing she was the owner of the shop and had bragged about the efficiency of the owners of that online shop to his wife.
Somehow he lost his job in the summer of 2014 and things went bad for him financially. All his efforts to provide proved abortive and that was when he sat to have a talk...

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