Becoming a Parenting Coach Is Hard…But We’ve Made It Simple

 Discover The Foolproof Coaching Formulas For Helping Parents Raise Global Changers


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What’s in this for me?

  • Learn how to help parents understand who their children are - purpose, personality, talents and how to get the best out of them
  • Learn how to help parents discover the pains in their childhood and take them through a healing process that leads to an accelerated wholeness
  • Learn how to help parents identify the limiting beliefs that are affecting their parenting
  • Learn the Out of the Box Coaching implementation system that parents can use to bond with their children and find their way back into their world
  • Learn how to help parents understand why their children behave in certain ways
  • Learn how to help parents create a clear picture of the environment they must create for their children
  • Learn how to help parents instill great values in their children
  • Learn how to get clients who can pay you any amount you charge
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a parent coach and a parent
  • The tools you need to guide and help parents in overcoming their parenting problems
  • Understand the range of parenting perspectives and techniques to handle the issues faced in handling a toddler
  • Learn how to determine the appropriate parenting style for nurturing any child you meet

Is Being A Parenting Coach Right For You?

1. Passion - Do you have a passion for parenting?
2. Curiosity - Are you constantly curious about children and how to best work with them?
3. Compassion - Do you genuinely like people and love encouraging others?
4. Good listening abilities - Are you a good listener? Are you happy to hear about other people’s challenges and feel comfortable giving them space to express their worries?
5. Self-motivation - Do you love to grab a goal and go for it? Are you keen to have a career that nourishes you from the inside out, improves your parenting and gives you a purpose in life?


Can I Really Make A Good Living As A Parenting Coach?

Becoming a parenting coach is also financially rewarding. For starters, finding clients is incredibly easy. You’ll find them at schools, hospitals (mostly private), camps, daycare, preschool, the playground and the supermarket – everywhere you go there are parents struggling. And they are eager—and in some cases desperate—for help.

Parents everywhere are very willing to pay for your help. Here at Praise Fowowe International, we show our coaches how they can earn ₦150,000 - ₦500,000 for each new client (normally working with that client once a week for 2 months). We also teach our coaches how to hold group classes that can earn ₦20,000 - ₦50,000 per student in classes ranging from 10-30 students and beyond.



Imagine for a minute…

That you have a great relationship with your child

That you have a career where your passion for work and love for your child work hand in hand rather than battling against each other for your time and attention

That you have control over
your own time

That you can determine your own income, and not be a slave to a job?

No more “hoping & wishing” for these things

The truth is when you master parenting coaching, everything will just fall into place. 

But how do YOU get to that point?

It might feel like a pipe dream, but it’s exactly what “Master Parenting Coaches” do every day. 

And I’m going to let you in on a little secret they don’t want you to know:

Master Parenting Coaches copywriters don’t possess any kind of “divine gift”.

They are “masters” merely because they practice—almost religiously—certain “Principles of Coaching”.

And it’s those principles of coaching that allow them to pump out great parents that raise global leaders 

What Others Have To Say

Temitope K.

“Currently doing the PC Certification on with Praise Fowowe International and it's excellent. It's changing how I view parenting. If you want to be a better parent and help other parents become better, take this certification.”

Mercy S.

“I just finished my certification to be a Parenting Coach. The perfect addition to my relationship therapy practice. I’ve always been confident in my ability to help people live better but this makes it better.”