About Us


Praise Fowowe International is an integrated family life and workplace relationship and research support organization that assists people live better, connect and collaborate for impact and also help promote the dignity of humanity through advisory, training solutions and effective personnel systems deployment.

Over the years we have been at the forefront of cutting edge family life innovation that has become a market leader across different culture.

As a Training Advisory and Strategy Company we firmly believe that excellence is attainable in every sphere of endeavor. we constantly strive to assist small, medium and large enterprises with maximizing the capacity of their workforce to create value and maintain workplace harmony by harnessing their creativity maximizing their capacity to build systems that enhance their productivity at work while creating a balance with their relationship at home.


To assist people live better, connect and collaborate for impact.

 At Praise Fowowe International our mission is to assist people live better, connect and collaborate for impact. We are a home away from home where work is play and play is work. We are a community of lovers working together to build our world through effective relationships and family innovations.

Our people

Our people are ALIENS because you never find they are all on a mission to assist you become the best version of yourself. We all share a similar DNA code because only lovers and saviours can work with us.

Lovers because they have a sense of ownership and Saviours because they have a sense of calling.

Meet The Team

Praise Fowowe

Family Life Practitioner & Therapist

Tosin Praise- Fowowe

Finance Coach

Zuriel Olowe

Trauma Management & Grief Therapist

Motolani Abe

Chief Executive Officer

Layefa senge

Head of media

Omotola Atitebi

Head of Operations, Africa

Bokun Imoukhuede

Parenting Coach & Head of Operations UK