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21 Days Effective Parenting

Discover your child, Bond with your child and create the script that can help your child gain clarity and become indispensable to his world within 21days from the comfort of your home

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Effective Junior Church Leadership Systems


Create a purposeful and measurable junior church systems that intentionally discover, develop, disciple and release strategic kingdom icons

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out of the box parenting intro: Module 1:

out of the box parenting

What is parenting and why do some tribes thrive while others struggle? In this course you’d be introduced to the concept of parenting and answer the critical question that most people never answer.

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Family System Engineering Certification Course

Join over 600 top notch family professionals across the globe using the family systems engineering model. Master how to deploy effective and accurate case diagnostics tools within 15mins of engagement and be equipped.....

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Module 1 intro to family systems engineering certification
Handling an erring child one:

Handling An Erring Child

You are just 7 steps away from assisting your child overcome his self sabotaging patterns. Master these 7 steps and secure your inner peace  

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Getting Married without Tears

Learn how to attract and choose the right spouse by answering some of the most important questions many never answer. This helps you make the choice that supports your vibrations and mental wellness

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Getting Married without Tears TIP ONE:

Family Governance

Learn how to create the family of your dreams. You will master a practical approach to creating your family vision, values, DNA codes, Ideology and legends of your family.

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Handling a difficult spouse

Hack into the code of a difficult spouse and create a template and strategy for transforming him or her without compromising your personal peace.

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Goal Scoring

This will equip you with a do it yourself action plan to set your goals, recruiting your first 11 key players, creating an effective strategy and appointing your technical crew. With this you are guaranteed to exceed your targets

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Users Manual

Clarify and articulate your life, eliminate human distractions and learn time tested tips of creating a document that helps your partner better understand you and ultimately bond with you to produce a blissful relationships

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Child Power For Children

Kick out sex predators by empowering your ages 3-10 with round the year age appropriate sexuality education. This covers your child and teens round the year

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Child power for Teens

Kick out sex predators by empowering your ages 11-16 with round the year age appropriate sexuality education. This covers your child and teens round the year

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New Rules of Parenting

The New Rules of Parenting  programme is an ONLINE 4 week PARENTING COURSE that will help you introspect, discover, script and deploy a fail proof template to position your child as a major influencer.

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