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Discover your child, Bond with your child and create the script that can help your child gain clarity and become indispensable to his world within 21days from the comfort of your home

Your child has been so eager to discover the royalty in you for him/her to become the best version of himself

In this program you will learn how to;

-Bridge the gap between you and your child

-Discover how to effectively bond in a way that influencing your child becomes easy.

-Pick the signals your child is sending and how to create a structure for it.

-Eliminate yelling, tantrums and most of your parenting frustrations. 


Daily videos

Daily readings

Daily design

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Effective Junior Church Leadership Systems


Create a purposeful and measurable junior church systems that intentionally discover, develop, disciple and release strategic kingdom icons

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out of the box parenting intro: Module 1:

Out of the box parenting Solutions

What is parenting and why do some tribes thrive while others struggle? Why are Indians, Chinese, Jews and Japanese able to collaborate while parents of African heritage struggle?

 In this research solution you’d be introduced to;

-  The most effective parenting concept built on the

4 parenting quadrant of;

  • The seed owner
  • The seed handler
  • The seed
  • The seed environment for parents of African descent

-How to use psychometry tools to discover your child’s superpower

-How to build a system that can predetermine who your child becomes


This simplifies parenting and hands you the power to deploy our most effective psychometry tools to discover your child and design your child’s future.

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Family System Engineering Certification Course

Join over 800 top notch family professionals across the globe using the family systems engineering model to improve their professional practice.

After 11years of in depth research OF 40 couples who have done 40years in marriage we built a template that can assist family life professionals create the desired marital template that promotes marital bliss.

With this template you are able to accurately diagnose cases in less than 15mins without speaking with your clients and you are able to design a program that resolves complex family life problems with relative ease.

This has been adjudged as the only certification that combines

Coaching + Therapy + Strategy + Systems Intelligence

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Module 1 intro to family systems engineering certification
Handling an erring child one:

The Master Keys Of Handling An Erring Child

You are just 7 steps away from assisting your child overcome his self sabotaging patterns.

Master these 7 steps and secure your inner peace while helping your child scramble his self sabotaging behavior.

This is a do –it yourself solutions that has restored smiles to many parents with children struggling with all forms of addictive behavior  

You will be introduced to the following;

-Effective response system

-How to observe root cause analysis

-How to create interventions

-How to pick a professional where needed

-How to track progress

-Strategies for winning with your child.  


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SPEED MARRIAGE – The science of getting married without tears

Learn how to attract and choose the right spouse by answering some of the most important questions many never answer.

This helps you make the choice that supports your vibrations and mental wellness

The most important hiring for many is who to marry and can’t be left to emotions or cultural sentiments.

Get married with ease.

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Getting Married without Tears TIP ONE:

Super Structure for Effective Families

Latest research has now shown that the most lethal cause for family disintegration is lack of mutually agreed governing system.

Only 2 out of every 10 marriages surveyed have a semblance of family governance yet transgenerational success can’t be built without these systems.

This program unlocks the hidden code for creating a super structure for families. In this program you will;

- Analyze your originating family and how it can sabotage your new family

-How to effectively create a family vision, values, DNA creed and the legends of your family

-How to create a generational foundation that lasts forever and delivers your desired marital bliss.

Learn how to create the family of your dreams.

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Handling a difficult spouse

Hack into the code of a difficult spouse and create a template and strategy for transforming him or her without compromising your personal peace.

This is one of the most effective programs on strategic transformation of a difficult spouse.

In this program you will learn how to create the right strategy for;

-Finding out the real war and how to separate the war from the battle

-How to hack the code of a difficult spouse and win

-How to deploy the stealth systems in influencing a difficult spouse with ease

-How to win with smiles on your face.

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Do you struggle to score your annual goals?

Do you want to exceed your annual goals?

This is the latest technology for scoring your goals which is the next level program from the conventional goal setting;

With this you will;

-Discover why you struggle to score your goals

-Evaluate the unconscious players you have recruited and how they sabotage you

-Clarify your next 10 years

-Discover your internal capacity and recruit the top players needed to score your goals

-Create the most effective strategy for your goals

-Find out how to choose the right technical crew


This will equip you with a do-it-yourself action plan to set your goals, recruiting your first 11 key players, creating an effective strategy and appointing your technical crew. With this you are guaranteed to exceed your targets


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LOVERS HACK – Master yourself  & your spouse with the user’s manual Matrix

Clarify and articulate your life, eliminate human distractions and learn time tested tips of creating a document that helps your partner better understand you and ultimately bond with you to produce a blissful relationships

Imagine a car without a user’s manual?

Too many singles can’t find the right spouse while many married couples live together as strangers. In this program you will;

-Discover yourself and what makes you different

-Articulate your marital needs and the kind of partner you need

-Eliminate distractions and create a road map to the spouse of your choice as a single lady/man

-Create your fantasies and communicate it effectively to your spouse

-Eliminate the gaps and effectively bond with your spouse

-Hack into your spouse’s systems and create the marriage of your dreams.

Best selling course for singles and married

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Child Power For Children

Kick out sex predators by empowering your ages 3-10 with round the year age-appropriate sexuality education.

This covers your child with in-depth story telling approach that keeps your child glued to the audio program

Covers a child for 40weeks

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Child power for Teens – Love letters to teens

Kick out sex predators by empowering your ages 11-16 with round the year age-appropriate sexuality education.

This covers your child and teens round the year and takes them above peer pressure.

If you have ever been worried about the sexuality of your child this is your final answer

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Moving to a new country can be tough for parents especially when moving from a 3rd world to a 1st world country but in this groundbreaking work we have made it easy for you to master the most effective template for raising a child in Diaspora. It is called SCRIPTING.

The New Rules of Parenting  program is a 4-week virtual  PARENTING PROGRAM  that will help you introspect, discover, script and deploy a fail proof template to position your child as a major influencer.

You will;

-Identify your childhood pain points and how to heal from them

-Discover your chaos patterns and create a bliss pattern

-Analyze your child and create the right script for your child

-Master how to create a system that supports the best interest of your child

-Discover your village and how to lead a community that supports you to win in diaspora.

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