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If you’re interested in topping your coaching game in 2022 by becoming a world-class family life practitioner, this is for you.

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Here's why

At the Family Life Coaching Association Conference held in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2019, this course you are about to see was described as the most effective alternative model for building a system-based family by the participants at the presentation.



Dr. & Dr. Mrs Olaore 

United States of America


We were looking to take a course in America on family life when we heard about Family systems Engineering Certification and decided to come to class. This has been one of the best decisions ever having done different PHD programs as a couple. The tools are relatable and very effective. The speed of delivery is something we never bargained for. This should go all around the world.

Here’s how it works

The model for this amazing family life course was developed after 11 years of intensive research into successful families and why they succeed.

The course content comes with diagnostic tools that can accurately uncover whatever is wrong with a family by simply interacting with some available data which will also show you how to fetch.

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You should! You know why?

The trainers who will be taking on this amazing career-transforming course are world-leading experts in the field of Family Engineering.
Wait a second!
Do any of the names (below) ring a bell?
  • Adenike Ogunlesi of Ruff and Tumble,
  • Amos Fenwa,
  • Pastor Edwin Biayebo of House on the Rock,
  • Godman Akinlabi, Modupe Ehinrin,
  • Bridget Elesin, Dinma Nwobi,
  • Ibrahim Dikko,
  • Bose Fawihinmi


Does any?

In case you don’t already know them, I urge you to take a few minutes out right now to check them on Google and see if you wouldn’t be blown away by how they are already transforming various sectors across Africa using the Family Systems Engineering Certification model after they took the course.



You’re not likely to mention some of the most effective family life professionals without mentioning them.



You may think other people hold greater records than these people…but that’s disputable


This course is designed to help you with knowledge, skills, and professional tools that will enable you to fix any troubled relationship (both for yourself or a client) seamlessly…I kid you not.

Here's What You Get When You Join This Program Today...

How to work with clients across different continents of the world

How to build a family life practice that helps you work with people without any form of bias

Master how to influence a community and transform behavior through community infusion

How to deploy tools that help you become highly successful in handling clients

How to assist people to uninstall their self-sabotaging patterns and create a new pattern that is empowering.

How you can be part of a tribe of the most effective family life professionals’ humanity deserve

How to handle the frustration of having to lose clients because they are not resident in your location

How to avoid struggling for hours trying to figure out what the issues are after listening to clients.

Let Me In

Edwin Biayeibo


"       I’ve always known there was something about FSEC even though I never had the opportunity. So, when I was coming for this program, I knew I was going to learn something new but I wasn’t prepared for what I stumbled into… FSEC has been a life-changing experience. I wish every pastor and mentor will come and learn the things I learned on the course. I think the course is compulsory for people who want to help with individuals, families, and marriages.

.                                                                                             "

The Family Systems Engineering Certification breaks all barriers…

and helps you become highly effective at:


  • Understanding humanity and human engineering
  • Working with singles to create a user’s manual which is our trademark solution that reduces their error rate in making a marital choice
  • Using our ‘OYELA’ Psychometric to accurately diagnose the underlying issues with your clients with 94% degree of accuracy
  • Assist clients to build an intentional system that can deliver predictable outcomes
  • Healing and attaining closure using our jar of life and triangle of life tools
  • Working with human beings irrespective of their race, religion or orientation
  • And with the course, your organization will be better able to professionally serve the community where you live in and equally equip your team with the same tools such that…
Take me there

You’ll Have Time To Rest And Attend To Other Issues

And guess what? The Family System Engineering Cerification Course (FSEC) is the only course in this present time that can give you all of this.

Great stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

After training over…

700 Practitioners From Different African Countries...


The result has always been the same – amazing. We have practitioners practicing in the UK, US, South Africa, Cameron, Ghana, and even from Central Africa. In class, the trainees are some of the happiest and most competent practitioners you will find. They come from different sectors like…


Human Resource Management


Oil and Gas


Arts and Entertainment


Group Family Systems Engineering CERTIFICATION COURSE


And now, there's an amazing offer you can't afford to miss out on. It’s the group class that runs for 12 weeks. This group class is exclusive to just 50 people. Classes are delivered online via videos and zoom platforms once a week, Every Friday starting from 18th of February, 2022.


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"what I have seen is way beyond my expectations. I didn’t realize that this depth of knowledge existed in Nigeria. So, I’m really excited I signed up for the course. On a very personal level, I felt very strong renewals, rebirths and I can dare say even transformations in terms of my thoughts aligning with my words and y actions in things that I do. It’s way beyond my expectations."

Nike Ogunlesi
CRO Ruff and Tumble Kids

"I always knew there was something about family systems engineering when I was coming for this course having heard so much about it. It has been a life changing experience for me that I wish I knew all these 30years ago. I will insist every leader go through this life changing experience. It should actually be made compulsory for everyone working with families"


Pastor Edwin Biayebo

Senior pastor House on the Rock Enugu

"We were looking to take a course in America on family life when we heard about Family systems Engineering Certification and decided to come to class. This has been one of the best decisions ever having done different PHD programs as a couple. The tools are relatable and very effective. The speed of delivery is something we never bargained for. This should go all around the world.



Dr. & Dr. Mrs Olaore

United States of America

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Now, we are lending our hands to you… in 3 months or even less, you would have transformed your coaching career and send us an amazing testimony too


So, if you’re anybody among this category of people:
  • Family Life Practitioners
  • Counselors
  • Marriage Coaches
  • Parenting Educators
  • Pastors or pastors’ wives
  • Heads of family life ministry
  • A family life advocate & Therapist
  • A social worker.
  • A religious leader

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