Who we are :

House of Saviours is a multi-racial tribe of influencers who are simply out to transform every arrangement by providing solutions that solves critical human problems. We are a non -religious but deeply spiritual expression that seeks to assist people become SAVIOURS to the problems of our world through in-depth research, scalable interventions, applicable knowledge sharing and support systems
...a project of Praise Fowowe Research LLC.

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Our Vision
We are a tribe of influencers creating innovative solutions that transform our society in service to God and humanity.

Our Mission
To discover, develop, and deploy a tribe of Saviors who determine what happens everywhere they go.

Our Values

  • Trustworthiness
  • Worship
  • Influence
  • Responsibility
  • Love.

Weekly Senate Meeting: Sundays 8am CST, 2pm WAT & 2pm GMT

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