You want to raise an exceptional child? We assist you deliver an influencer.

Global statistics say 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. The devastating effect of abuse can affect a child all through a lifetime without the right intervention because abuse takes away the identity of a child.

Sometimes, the abuse comes in form of a parenting system that is not intentional and doesn’t have a clear template that can deliver effective results.

Our Ready for Life Mentoring platform is an intentional tribe of influencers collaborating with parents to groom solution providers that transform our society in service to God and humanity.

Our mission is to support parents to DISCOVER, DEVELOP and DEPLOY a tribe of saviors who become indispensable everywhere they go

We have developed a unique curriculum that intentionally assists children discover their unique power and develop it to become indispensable solutions that stand them out from age 8-18.

Basic Plan 10k per month
Premium plan 15k per month
Corporate Plan 1.5m per annum

Our methodology.

This is a 3 semester/year engagement across ages 8-18 that will mentor and engage your child.

Each semester runs for 13 weeks with a report of your child’s progress sent to you at the end of every semester. 

This is purely a coaching/mentoring session that will cover critical child development issues including their sexuality and personal development. Our task is to support you to deliver the child of your dreams.

Classes run once a week on zoom and replays are made available.

There is a mentor in any age group.

There are weekly home-plays which are important but not compulsory

Classes are designed to be practical and fun filled and each session is memorable to the students.


A session comprises of 3 semesters and each semester is 13 weeks

2023 / 2024 Session Schedule

Super Semester: September 16th to December 9th 2023

Meta Semester - January 13th to April 6th 2024

Gamma Semester - May 4th to July 27th 2024

Each class runs for a maximum time of 60mins once a week.

Our curriculum and tuition

Our curriculum is the intellectual property of Praise Fowowe International designed to intentionally assist parents to get the best out of their children.

This curriculum was originally designed for children of African descent but has also been proven to be effective among non - African communities.


Premium Plan – 45k/semester (weekly group virtual mentoring + replay video + child progress report + basic report)

Corporate plans – This is strictly for schools and faith-based organizations that desire to subscribe for this based on request.

Basic Plan 10k per child
Premium plan 15k per child
Corporate Plan 250k per annum

We help your child:

Discover their authentic self
-Rediscover their heritage and their humanity
-Create a healthy self-image that is void of sexual abuse
-Master how to discover their power and become indispensable to their world
- Live above peer pressure and master effective relationship skills.


Here is a year by year class summary;

Icons are ages 8-9, they are equipped  to think like an ICON. There is also focus on age appropriate sexuality education using the Superkidz curriculum which is aimed at assisting the child master his/her identity and take control of their body. Every child here is able to identify and report a predator

Diplomats are children within ages 10-11 and the focus here is the concept of RESPECT and how it can be deployed to promote the total development of a child. Your child is introduced to some global icons here and basic strategies that helped them achieve outstanding success. At the end of this, your child would have mastered assertiveness skills.

Trailblazers are ages 12-13 and it is the transition between childhood and teenage years. Here, we expose them to the concept of changing the world and how to understand how the world works and the systems they need to deploy to become indispensable.

Your child will be exposed to other culture and systems that rose from nothing to become highly prominent.

At the end of this engagement your child would have become ready to engage systems and create simple models that can win everywhere they go. 

Royalty is for ages 14-15 and this is the class we focus on everything that can affect your child’s identity and the impact of peer pressure and seek to create strategies to mitigate against it.

Your child will also be exposed to more templates on how to become indispensable and become influencers. Every child has clarity about their identity in this class and comfortable to declare their identity no matter the pressure around them. 

Celebrities is for ages 16-17. This is for teenagers who are about getting into college and Universities. This class is aimed at getting them ready for the challenges of leaving home and how to navigate every challenge they are likely to encounter.

They will master systems engagements, superior relationship skills, connections and negotiations and everything that is needed for them to become indispensable everywhere they go. It is the first line in leadership deployment as they will start engaging their society and testing how effective their interventions are. 

Saviours is the final class for age 18. This class will expose your child to the power of collaboration and how to lead change using the best methodology that exists. They will master life helplines and how to deal with self -sabotaging patterns and any form of addictive behaviors. They will also troubleshoot culture and master the most effective way to scale their innate ability. 

At the end of this class, your child is not just ready for life but is standing out as exceptional young adult with intact values in service to God and humanity. 

MEET Praise Fowowe


Praise Fowowe is an unconventional thinker, futurist and Premier creator and trainer of Family Systems Engineering a body of knowledge that assists families build systems that support their happiness.

As the Founder of the Institute of Family Engineering and Development Africa, he’s an internationally acclaimed Family life strategist, creative content creator and system improvement specialist. He has effectively worked with various governments, organizations and families in creating effective family response teams in different countries.

A highly innovative strategist blessed with original insights on relationships that have been applauded as one of the most effective family life strategists by the Family Life Coaching Association of America.

Praise Fowowe assists individuals, families and organizations create extra ordinary experience that delivers their outcomes using the most effective template ever created on planet earth and very relevant in Mars.


Praise is one of the best and the few go-to persons with effective interventions on family life certifications, Effective parenting strategies, Goal Scoring Matrix and people development process.


He is an authority in the field and frame of reference for many. He has developed several life changing contents that have assisted family life professionals become more effective and accurate in case diagnosis.


As the global creator and trainer of Family Systems Engineering certification program, Praise assists stakeholders with tools and strategies that helps them accurately diagnose marital cases and resolve them within the shortest possible time.

He loves to troubleshoot systems and create faster solutions to people and family life relationship issues.

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The goal is to build the most effective tribe of influencers creating innovative solutions that transform our society in service to God and humanity.

One of the things we have not been able to do is to create an intentional tribe of young leaders who are able to collaborate as indispensable tribe across the world and this mentoring program solves that problem because by 2040, our graduates will be all over the world innovating solutions that make our world a better place.

Ayodeji Lawrence

"Ready for life template has helped us successfully mentor our son especially when he had a serious challenge. This methodology was highly effective in getting him back to himself and we are so happy at the adult he has become.

Ebunoluwa Eletu

I grew up being taught about world changers which has become the ready for life mentoring platform and I must say this has been the best thing that happened to me because it was so easy to go through life and live above peer pressure as a young lady. I am now a medical doctor and I am so proud of the foundation this gave me.

Joy Muzambiu - South Africa

Any content from Praise Fowowe International is ever potent as it has the capacity to turn your child around. My child was on drugs when I was introduced to this mentoring program and while it was a struggle to get him committed to class but in no time we started seeing a reduction in his drug use till he weaned himself off them.

Today he has become a role model to many and we are grateful to God for this amazing program

Mr and Mrs Oshewa

The ready for life was first introduced to our school when we had serious issues with our children as it affects their sexuality and with this intervention, we were able to manage the students and turned things around for them. We look back and we can say this has been one of the best interventions that exist when it comes to transforming your young people.

What You Will Get

  • Weekly Mentorship: Weekly training to help your child create their desired future and transform their lives.
  • ​Live Training: Every class is live, interactive and recorded for future access.
  • Practical Application:  Apply what you learn and come back for more training.
  • ​Coaching and advice – You can get a first-hand counsel and some form of coaching from our instructors as it affects anything you must have noticed about your child.

This is not a replacement for normal academic curriculum, and it is not a therapy session to address mental health issue. This is simply a curriculum that delivers behavior transformation solutions that can help your child become the best version of himself or herself.

Basic Plan 10k per month
Premium plan 15k per month
Corporate Plan 1.5m per annum