The year was 1988 when two friends began their journey to parenthood.  They were very much alike, these friends. Both shared dreams of providing the best for their children, both were filled with hope, and both — as young parents often are — held ambitious aspirations for their family's future.

After a while, they lost contact. To make it easy for you to follow this story, I’ll call the first friend Folashade and the second friend, Oyindamola. 

Recently, these parents met at their high school reunion, after 35 years. They were still very much alike, yet the stories of their children had taken different paths.

The children of Folashade had flourished remarkably. Her firstborn was at the forefront of medical breakthroughs in America. The second born had become a global music star. The third born had started his cybersecurity firm, netting $200,000 every month.

The children of Oyindamola, regrettably, had faced different challenges. The firstborn at 32 already had 2 different baby mamas and was still living with his parents. This was a result of his addiction to sex. The second born was nowhere to be found but the last time he was seen, he was a drug addict. 

If tears are rolling down your eyes at this point, you’re not alone. I’m also crying because this is a true life story.


What made the difference...

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what shapes such different paths in children's lives?

It’s not your village people

It’s not the devil

It’s not a lack of parental dedication

It isn't even the inherent abilities of the child

The difference lies in what each parent knows, how they apply that knowledge and luck (more on that later)

When Folashade gave birth to her firstborn, She was lucky enough, like you are right now to come across someone who invited her to a parenting community. That was where She met experienced parents and parenting professionals who showed her how to nurture her children to greatness.

That parenting community no longer exists but a better one is here and I’m inviting you to it.

A Community Unlike Any Other

You see, this VIP Parenting Community is a sanctuary for parents who aspire to empower their children to reach their highest potential. It's not just a support system; it's a guiding light on the path of parenting. For one year, your hand will held by parenting experts and forever by fellow parents.

This community's virtual space offers a diverse range of family insights and resources, from nurturing your children’s talents to instilling values in them and fostering emotional intelligence. It's about more than just parenting techniques; it's a holistic approach to nurturing exceptional individuals. 

VIP Parenting Community equips you with the knowledge you need—precisely when you need it.


Knowledge Is Power

If you join this community right now, let me tell you what will experience in one year. You will learn:

  • How to talk to your children in a way that they will listen to you without having to shout at them or flog them
  • Why children give in to peer pressure and what you can do to ensure that your children lead their peers instead of following them (imagine your child educating their peers about the dangers of porn instead of giving into the pressure of watching it)
  • How to identify your children’s talents and the right environment for them  (you can destroy your children’s talents with your ignorance if you’re not careful)
  • Why your children find it easier to share deep secrets with their peers than parents and how your children can make you their best friends. This is important because the person who gets the deep secrets is the one with the power to influence your children
  • How to get the money you need to put your children in the right environment(s)
  • The exact words you should use to address your children. These words will anchor your children’s self-perception and keep them from misbehaving
  • How to decode the forces that shape human behaviour and develop a counter culture within your family (once you understand how children think, you can easily influence them. This is the power media has over you. We’ll take that from media and give it to you).
  • How to cultivate an environment where your child becomes an influencer in their chosen fields (if your children are below 18, this is especially for you because it is easier to do when they’re not adults yet).
  • The step by step method of creating a system that will protect your children from sexual abuse from your domestic workers and other people who might be nurturing such desires
  • How, if your child is already misbehaving you can identify the root cause and you can guide them towards healthier choices
  • How to prevent your children from going into the rebellion phase (this is the phase when they engage in every known vice just to spite you) and how to bring them out if they’re already there

 Are you not loving this?

 But wait! There’s More!

If you join the VIP Parenting Community right now, you will also get the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 - Effective Family Finance Structure

Money is often a constant source of tension in families but we'll eliminate that problem for you because money is very important for raising exceptional children. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Our family finance expert will help you create a financial structure that will help you in your parenting journey, irrespective of what you earn.

Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to confidence and security in your family's future.

Bonus #2 - Group Therapy Session

Sometimes, parents don’t flog their children to correct them but to release their negative emotions. I understand that being a parent is tough but if you’re one of those parents that do this, you’re setting your children up for a sad future.

Therapy costs a lot of money but you will get it for free as a member of the VIP Parenting Community.

The aim of this is to heal you of every trauma that you’re aware of and unaware of. 

Whether you know it or not, something has traumatised you. We need to eliminate it before it rolls over to your parenting and tamper with your child’s life.

Bonus #3 - Monthly Age-appropriate Sexuality Education

Many parents struggle with how to approach the topic of sexuality education with their children This is why many children are advised wrongly by their peers.

Imagine your son believing that if he doesn’t have sex, he’ll have prostate cancer in the future or your daughter believing that her breasts will sag early if it’s not sucked regularly.

These are the kinds of things your children will believe if you don’t teach them about sex.

It’s a sensitive and awkward conversation to have with your child, I know. That’s why we’ve created a sexuality education package that will be delivered to them monthly. I.e. we’ll teach them about sex on your behalf.

This way, they will learn about it and you won’t have to go through the awkwardness.

An Investment In Your Parenting Journey

For N200,000, I’m inviting you to the VIP Parenting Community for the next one year.

Alternatively, you can wait till next week and pay N1 million. 

You can join now and save N800,000 or you can procrastinate and pay N1 million.



‘I can’t afford to pay N200,000 right now. What can you do for me?’

Of course, there’s something I can do for you.

If you click on the button below, you’ll be able to get into this community with just N50,000


Again, you all learn:

  • How to raise your children in a way that they will never consider homosexuality to be an acceptable thing for them (you’ll also learn how to spot homosexual tendencies in them and stop them on time)

  • The fail-proof formula for preventing your children from having pre-marital sex, even when everyone around them is doing it

  • The 4 stages of parenting and who you need to be during those stages (You need to be a certain person to a 13 year old but you can’t be the same person when they’re 18 or they'll rebel)

    All of this for just N200,000 (that’s if you join now, of course).

    If you believe this is too expensive to secure your children’s future, feel free to close this page and go back to what you were doing.

    But if you’re willing to do anything to secure your children’s future, click on the link below


Remember, it's not just about being a parent — it's about being an informed and empowered one.


Praise Fowowe International is Africa’s foremost family life organisation with a commitment to solving complex family issues that keep people up at night.

Our solutions are global and it’s evident in the fact that we’re present in Nigeria, the UK and the US. Through our cutting-edge research and dedication to excellence, we have successfully guided over 300,000 families on their journey to bliss and power.

Our impact has garnered accolades, and we have been featured in prominent media outlets such as Channels TV, The Punch Newspaper and many others. This has led to our partnerships with governments, religious institutions and corporations.

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If you are outside Africa click this link

Mrs Ogechi Nwafor

"The 4 weeks new rules of parenting program has been a life-changing program for me and my family. I wish I knew Praise earlier, would have avoided some damage done. I had the future world best football player in my hands but I never realized it and much more. The transformation in the lives of my children and I have been so amazing. In just weeks, I have been able to get them to do what years of yelling could not correct. I have apologized to them. They are enjoying the new me. We have bonded more. If 50 percent of families can parent this way, our country will be a better place because we would raise world changers.

God bless you, sir. Can't thank you enough for this opportunity and will highly recommend your program to any family I know"

Yinka Adewunmi

“I have been a parent for many years but never have I encountered what I got in this parenting community. I have damaged my kids unconsciously and had to apologize to them. Working with them and learning from them without judgment has been so pleasurable that they have been wondering what happened to my yelling and spanking. We can truly raise global icons with the right tools. This has been totally transforming for me.”

Enny A

“I’m happy to be a part of this community because it’s been a total overhauling. I’ve watched a lot of parenting materials and attended a couple of training on parenting, but this is different because it has reduced stress in my life. Before this class, some things gave me concerns about my child’s success and why he was doing certain things. I thought Praise Fowowe was a wizard when he began to describe my child and showed me how to respond to what he does. The courses in this community have helped me with my parenting. I see things clearer now. Now I know that knowledge is power.”