• Is your child exhibiting some traits you don’t approve of and has become a pain point for you?
  • Are you confused on how to help your child overcome his or her disempowering behavior or you don’t seem to understand him/her?
  • Are you struggling to combine your work life with your parenting life and in need of a system that can assist you become successful at both?
  • Is your child dealing with masturbation, porn addiction or any form of addictions that has defied all odds?
  • Do you want to effectively raise a wholesome child and don’t know how to go about it?


What if I could;

  • Show you the most effective way to solve the above challenges and help your parenting journey become stressless and enjoyable. You truly deserve to smile and raise an exceptional child.

Now you can master the 2 most effective parenting secrets never taught  for the price of 1 this month.

I am Praise Fowowe and for 18years I have been at the fore front of ground breaking family life innovations including;

  • The most complete Basic Sexuality Education Kits to checkmating pedophiles in Nigeria
  • The award winning family systems Engineering Certification Program which has become the only professional certification programs for family life practitioners in Africa and;
  • The Out of the Box Parenting Coaching Program which has assisted parents across different cultures of the world.

My expertise is in creating effective family life solutions for complex family life problems and the reason I am regarded as one of the leading thought leaders in the family life space and clients across 5 continents trust me is because of the effectiveness of my family life solutions.

 A lot of parents have been worried about how best to raise their children in this era of new normal and having successfully assisted over 750 parents in 16 countries resolved their greatest parenting challenge I hereby introduce

The Simple, Most Effective Parenting System and How You Can Use It to Raise Emotionally Healthy, Happy and Influential Children

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Augusta Y Olaore

Director, Student Support Services, Babcock University


As a cross generational parent of 3 adult children and a teenager, out of the box parenting has proven to be a timeless ground breaking framework for approaching parenting. Praise Fowowe has been able to capture the essence of raising children by helping parents to deal with their own issues as seed handlers. The concept of the seed and the seed environment moved me to relocate my teenage son to an environment that is more enabling for the actualization of who he is designed to be. Out of the box parenting taught me how to relate to my bicultural adult children by challenging my latent cultural mindsets that was obstructing my ability to be accepting of the emergence of my ''seeds'' in their environment. I have since become an ardent promoter of the seed concept"

Dear Parent,


Today, I’m doing what I have ever done before, giving you my two most important parenting solutions for the price of one. As a premium family life strategist who has worked across various cultures in the last 18years I know exactly the critical needs of many parents and having applied the same solutions I created with the same results I feel it is time to let you in on what no school may ever teach you on how to raise an influential child.

I am going to show you how to use a simple yet effective parenting system to strategically raise your children to responsible adults…

Starting with just two simple things:

  1. The willingness to apply this system.
  2. The never-dying desire to see your children live up to their dreams.

And all you have to do is follow this simple strategy and you could see your children grow into exceptional adults before your own eyes without using the same strategy of yelling, spanking, anger and bullying that has been taught to have worked by many but has unconsciously delivered a domesticated and not a disciplined generation.

Sound incredible? It’s not!

To make it work…


  • You DON’T need to read a thousand books on parenting

  • You DON’T need to know all terminologies about parenting…


But, you DO need to know how to act like a concerned parent and master the signals your child is sending with accurate interpretation…….

This is the only way this can work for you.

But if you’d rather watch your children become influenced by a world with a merciless agenda that is out to steal the authenticity of a child while you consistently lose your cool in your bid to raise your child…..

Then stop reading right now.

Still with me? Great!


Let me explain how easy it is…

What you’re about to see is the most important known parenting secret never taught in any school yet deployed by almost all the world powers in raising global icons if carefully followed.

Don’t worry if all the methods you applied up till now failed you. The solutions you are about to be exposed to  is a game-changer and guess what? It’s as easy as taking your bath. Anyone can do it.

With this simple but great parenting secret…. you will learn

  • To understand who a child is and accurately discover your child
  • How to effectively pass a message to your child using his/her core reception code
  • Why kids exhibit unpleasant behaviours and why instinct reactions(like yelling, spanking and bullying) as parents are often ineffective.
  • The ideal way to react to your children’s behaviors and how to assist your child navigate the Gen Z syndrome
  • How to help difficult, explosive children
  • How to use a research-based approach to deal with problems that most parents have when relating to their children

But here’s the catch…

I am also giving you my best kept 21day Parenting Activation Program that hand holds you and shows you how to script your child and transform your personal life within 21days.

The proven parenting secret system will only work if you’re willing to stake a conscious claim to helping your children becoming a better version of themselves…

It’s better and more effective now that they are still young and you are still super agile yourself.

Once you are old and feeble, there’s only little you can do in terms of helping your children fulfill their God-given dreams…

Then it will be too late for you to try out anything.

Parenting is an 18year curriculum what happens from age 19 is your report card but you must fully understand the clear roles you need to play at every developmental stage of your child if you must become a highly successful parent.


Start Here, Now

See, this secret system is known as the Out-of-the-Box Parenting system, and unlike everything else you have tried… this doesn’t just work for anyhow parents.

It works most when parents are ready to let go of “conventional” parenting habits

Tosin Falusi Odewoye


I have chosen a perceptual code for my children and I am learning to treat them accordingly. I am focusing more on their strengths and working on my seed-handling skills."

Why Out Of The Box Parenting?


You see, every child has a Behavioral Transformational Code (BTC) which may be different from that of another child. That is why it is very important to master your child's personality chart ( which is the major module in this program) to fully understand what to expect from your child and how to get the best out of them.

And before you protest…

Let me help you draw the line between child discipline and pampering. The goal of discipline is to correct a behavior and not to destroy a child's self-esteem.

If you agree on that point then it must be that the best strategy that corrects behavior must be deployed, not the one that comes naturally to us.

Do you get the point now? Beautiful!

It is my deepest belief that your handling of a child will change the moment you start this program....

Take me there

The True Revelation Of The Child In Your Hand Is Revealed To You


In the summer of 2014, my wife had started a fish farm with her sister farm and it was always an exciting time for me each time I visited the farm to observe the growth development of the fish.

It was a learning experience to see them exercise their natural grace to swim with so much power and energy. 

But there came a day that I visited and I noticed the entire water in the fish pond had been drained which got me curious. I was told it was time to harvest and sell the fish to people who would go on to resell. Without water, I watched as the fish struggled for breath and life.


I noticed the powerlessness and the frustration of the fish whose potential found maximum expression in water but now looked so weak. I learned a critical lesson from that experience….

that every creature is only as powerful as their natural habitat and this holds so true when it comes to the subject of parenting


What I’m trying to illustrate here with this story is completely shift the way you think about and approach parenting your children forever.

Giving you the system that the top 1% of successful parents rely on to raise children whose dreams are instrumental to global change…. while the rest of the…

Conventional Parents Feel Their Children’s Unpleasant Behaviours Are Caused by The Devil


…and just keep wishing and praying for an angel to come down and fight for them…without taking time out to understand their children.

The thing is, praying is good (and I advise that too) but It’s pretty disempowering crying out to God when you could have just simply observed the behavioral display of your child and pick the signal your child is sending using the out of the box parenting child hack model.

The parenting template of generation X and Y can never power the future of Generation Z and Alpha.

When you become an out of the box parent, you gain CONTROL of the way you react to unacceptable behaviors put up by your children and you’re able to lead and guide them to a great desirable future.


Here are just a few testimonials of parents whose children’s lives have been transformed…

"Waoh waoh waoh where do I start from this has been a life-changing program for me and my family I wish I knew Praise earlier would have avoided some damage done I had the future world best player in my hands but I never realized it and much more, the transformation in d lives of my children and I have been so amazing in just weeks I have been able to get them to do what years of yelling could not correct I have apologized to them they are enjoying the new me we have bonded more if 50percent of families can parent this way our country will be a better place because we would raise world changers. God bless u sis can't thank u enough for this opportunity and will highly recommend your book and program to any family I know."

Ogechi Nwafor

"I have chosen a perceptual code for my children and I am learning to treat them accordingly. I am focusing more on their strengths and working on my seed-handling skills."

Tosin Falusi Odewoye


"My belief [now] is that my children are amazing [and] That my children can teach me. There is something I can learn from them. That I should welcome questions from them and not feel they are disturbing me. That a child can learn if he or she is taught. My attitude to parenting is changed now. Now I know parenting It is an intentional work…. I have learned this and so much more. I love to learn. Thank you, Praise Fowowe"


Favour Osiri

And now it’s your turn to share amazing testimonials too.


Just like you now, there was a time when these parents didn’t believe this system could help them be a better parent to their children
After all, our parents raised us to become who we are today without signing up for any program like this.
In fact, the parenting scripts we were raised with as African is one that doesn’t give room for any childlike shenanigans.
You messed up, you're severely dealt with — flogging and getting cursed on.  And God saves you if you grew up with your grandparents… all of these were in the industrial age.

Is This How You Want To Raise Your Child In This AI Age?

Think about it: is that how you want to raise children given birth in generation Z?

Things have certainly changed.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t discipline your child.

If you must continue to spank them, you have to consider the following first:

  • Never beat a child for what you have not taught them
  • Never beat a child without giving them room to assimilate what you have taught them
  • Never beat a child when you are angry because you may damage them
  • Never beat a child when there is no proof or data to show that spanking can correct that particular behavior
  • Never beat a child when other disciplinary measures can effectively correct that behavior outside of spanking
  • Never spank a child without deciding beforehand the disciplinary measure for a particular offense
  • Never beat your child without giving them room to defend themselves so that you can better understand the intention behind their actions;
  • Discipline a child based on their perceptual code and the disciplinary code their personality deserves.

So the next time you are about to spank that child, ask yourself this:

“Is this the most effective way to correct this child right now?”

Of course, the answer will always be “No.”


If I ask you to pay 3200USD to let you in these secrets that will permanently transform your life I won’t be asking for too much because what I charge for my 3 month coaching program is within that range

And this is why I’m urging you to grab the Out of the Box Parenting Coaching Program offer for just $280. That’s a great offer because you have one-time access to transform the lives of your children.



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And if after this juicy offer you still don’t know what to do…I’ll assume that this is not for your…that transforming the lives of your children through an effective parenting system is not for you.

But I want to believe this is not your case. You know what you want for your children and you always go for it.

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Think about it:

If you knew of a way that is easy, simple, and effective to raise your children for the rest of your life – by just using a simple parenting system….

Wouldn’t you be happy and laughing at those parents who still go through conventional methods of dehumanizing their children all in the name of raising them?

Frankly, this is the exact benefit you get when you apply the Out of the Box Parenting coaching program in raising those bundles of joy God has deposited in your hand.

And beginning very soon, I might decide to raise the price by as much as 100%. You know why? Because I’m sure it’s worth the investment for any parent who uses the system.

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