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Science Plus Religion

religion science Feb 25, 2022
I have been around for a while and been there and seen some. I decided to be seen and perceived from the stand point of humanity alone and nothing more because all we actually need to be is humanity expressed in male and female gender.
If you have a big problem with my opening statement then it is a feedback of the conditioning you have been subjected to that seeks to view humanity through a complex and sometimes confusing prism which separates the best of friend and makes collaboration becomes competition. That prism is why nations and men go to war over what none of them truly owns.
My first experience was with humanity as kids where none judged anyone else because all we wanted to do was play. We didn't know enemies or poison we just played away with no class or race or religious differences in our consciousness
But as we grew the adults in our lives began to indoctrinate us on why one religion was superior and why those who don't align would burn in hell. Think for a moment with me with the brain of a child. Yesterday you had a best friend whom you enjoyed playing with and between Yesterday and today your brain had been rewired by an information that made you start to see your friend as doomed for hell?
That was my situation.
Only that even within those who read the book I read there were also distinctions in the sense of each denominations having their preferred revelations and each believing that she was superior to another. So if you wore a white garment or counted rosary someone somewhere would still feel you were bound for hell without even experiencing the content of your character.
Your garment or your rosary already sealed your faith no matter how good you were. Don't let us even get into trouser and fixing of hair doctrines but each person comes up with different doctrines as it suits them.
I have no issues because the entire world can never see things the same way as I have come to believe for my sanity sake that we are all simply expressing the side of God revealed to us and others don't have to be wrong for us to be right. Religion has promised too many thing it hasn't delivered on yet none question what human beings should question.
I am yet to see the religion whose members are immune to sickness or bomb blasts. Something that when you join all your problems would disappear. However I have seen faith move mountains and heal people miraculously maybe not all the time because when we do a data analysis of those who got the promise vs those who didn't get we may be closer to the truth
If you have found one kindly tell me.
I became a student of science and pursued science and pseudo science but I also discovered that while science has done so much and performed incredible fear. It also seeks to laugh at faith and seek to make everything about science. There are things science has not found a solution to that faith has produced results to sometimes so why do we pretend that only one school of thought is right while others are wrong?
Even within science for example naturopaths are discredited by Western medicines even when both have produced evidence based results.
The big question for me is why can't everyone come together and admit that God in his wisdom would never put all His wisdom or solutions in our box because He knows our tendency to be manipulative and crave worship.
That is why I believe he puts what a Christian needs in a Muslim and what a Muslim needs in a Buddhist and what a pastor needs in a scientist and what a scientist needs in faith to show that we are better together than apart.
We won't all see God same way and none of us would be able to accurately teach his fullness but we can observe nature and observe ourselves and suspend our bias to enjoy the beauty of humanity by taking a trip into the world of children where all that matters is play and nothing more.
I have enjoyed the beauty of humanity and received help from human beings activated by God to help because all I now see is man that was made in God's image and the God of all flesh isn't too incapacitated to activate any of them in my direction regardless of their beliefs.
My role would be to accept what used to be unclean as clean or to keep calling what is now clean as unclean and deprive myself of the values I can get from what God has made clean.
The wisdom to know when to apply what, may be the greatest wisdom we now need.
You may need to read this and digest it several times to comment. Don't be too quick but I hope this helps.
I am a Saviour
General Zeh