A man told me that he is only accountable to God and I laughed because if God never wanted him to be accountable to any other human he wouldn’t have been born by human beings; wouldn’t have learnt ABC from anyone and God would have everything he needs  dropped directly from heaven. It is amazing how many of us lie to ourselves to escape reality. I still repeat today that anyone  without any authority figure like a mentor over his life is on his way to becoming a beast.

 We all need someone to call us to order and we can’t survive without such. As a matter of fact a Jewish Proverb says in the multitude of counsel there is safety and another says a child left alone will come to ruin. A lot of men have been destroyed because they have chosen not to be accountable. There must be a system around you that checks your life and all you do and that is why...

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I sit over domestic violence cases consistently and one common pattern I have noticed is the unequal yoke of the couples each time we run their beliefs assessment tests. The gap is often too wide that you knew they should never have married if the right things had been done in their marital preparatory class if there was any to start with.

Consistently a man whose definition of manhood is the superior gender that must be worshipped irrespective of his wisdom and competence marries a woman whose definition of a womanhood is the feminine expression of humanity(where manhood to her is defined as humanity).

How can these two live together successfully without any friction?

Assumption and lack of uniform definition of concepts and terms can totally destroy the joy of marriage that the two become a major accident waiting to happen. That is why beliefs alignment becomes critical in every marriage and this...

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 I love what I do daily in assisting people uninstall their hell and install their desired heaven. It is a job that is more or less a calling for me because even though clients pay a bit above the national average for my services the miracle of  seeing my clients finally discovering themselves and giving themselves the permission to live having uninstalled the softwares of self sabotaging beliefs that held them bound for too long is nothing short of a miracle.

Accidental spouses ain’t bad people; they are often victims of a bad engineering by the people that influenced them. However, there comes a time you must take responsibility for your pain because pains don’t go away by wishing them away or hoping the person that hurts you comes back to apologize.

Pains go away by taking responsibility for rising above the pains with a view to discovering what you may have...

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Re- OKADA BAN - The Family life angle

Sisi Yemi studied mechanical engineering and hasn't been able to get a job since she left school until Opay launched their bikes. She had always driven her boyfriend's power bike when she was in school but had never thought of riding commercial bikes for a living because of the unregulated nature of that sector.
But she jumped at the Opay structure and became one of the favorite riders of clients around Lagos with her cheerful smile and the way she welcomed clients on her bike. You almost could feel her excitement as she rode with joy and assured you of safety. She smiled home everyday with a minimum of 6k having taken care of other stuff and she was very happy with her life until the Lagos state government showed up.

Unknown to many she has parents in the village who depend on what she sends home monthly since she started the job and she managed to support her kid brother with a token monthly.

What she would do next with this new law is a question no one has thought through.


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The need for Ministry of family affairs in driving people centered policy in Nigeria

I had just landed in Brampton and was trying to adjust to the weather but it suddenly dawned on me that my first assignment was in a few days which was to travel to Winnipeg in the Manitoba province of Canada to go volunteer to train a group of children teachers on the latest templates that can make their work more effective. 

A few days to my departure I decided to do my research about the province as I always do when I have to assist in a new terrain and what struck me was the minister for family affairs which was something that got me excited because it was a concept I had been pushing for over 8years in Lagos. 

Somewhere deep down I sensed some work must have been done on family and children from a research point of view so as I dug online I stumbled on a comprehensive report on the children and youth policy for Manitoba province. It was over a 100 page document that took me 2 nights of sleeplessness to devour. I was totally blown away at the depth of research and the...

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Let me tell you a story - My favorite Valentine & how it SHAPED ME

I left paid employment in the year 2003 to go and concentrate on how to build a family life practice but my first task was to toast commercial sex workers out of prostitution at Good evening street Ajegunle as well as set up Gold in the Slum which because the hub that developed several young people in that area of Lagos. 

It was Valentine's day 2005 and I just came up with this weird feeling of spending Val with commercial sex workers(I called them my sisters trapped behind the bars of prostitution). 

I called my team together and we got gifts while those that could bake cakes and small chops did. In all it was less than 10k but our heart of love was worth a billion dollars. We sent letters to media houses to come and witness the first ever Valentine with prostitutes. My deputy 

Christopher Olukoju

took the letters around and dropped one at Channels TV. Before he got to the office a certain Joseph Esenwa had called to inform us they would like to be a part of...

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On Course creation & Selling

I know there are many voices out there asking everyone to go and create their courses. While this is good the truth however is not everyone will create their own course however everyone can sell courses with proven results.

I recently interviewed some top earners and was shocked to find out that they earned a lot selling courses created by other people.

When Covid started I started teaching my tribe on the 4 different levels that will exist post covid and where they must position.

1. Unique content providers - These are folks who can research and create original content. Not many people can function here because it takes a lot to create courses that truly work.
This is where my strength is as you must have noticed how I created original content daily in 140 days before my health instructed me to stop. Research is my life and finding what truly works but I have discovered that not many can put in the shift. You don't have to beat yourself if you can't feature here as there are other...

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