If you are a frequent flyer and you have experienced a very difficult turbulence then you will know that the most dreaded words from the cockpit of a pilot are May Day. Somehow these are 2 words already associated with a state of hopelessness which could mean that a crash was imminent but in actually fact it means ‘HELP ME’ or ‘COME and HELP ME’.


But the question is who should come and help and does the person have the capacity to help in the situation we find ourselves?

There was a MAY DAY account over 2000years ago in which there was going to be a shipwreck and the sailor had already signaled MAY DAY with everyone preparing for the worst except the young Jewish Rabbi who was asleep on a pillow.


Why was this guy asleep when everyone else seem to have lost hope? Why was he not scared?


The answer was simple; he had enough understanding that by predestination there was no way he would have...

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The power of your RITUAL


The power of your RITUAL

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily; the secret of your future is in your daily routine – John C Maxwell


There is no high performing player who doesn’t have a daily ritual that makes their his life looks boring but highly effective.

I have studied so many high flyers and interviewed a number of successful people and consistently discovered the style that creates their life. It is often a narrow path that not many discover because too many of us love the broadway that looks good but will never take us to where we truly want to go.


Truth is a keen study of your 24hours is enough to conclude if you will eventually land where you truly want to go or you are depending on luck.

Imagine Anthony Joshua hanging out in clubs and bars more than gym

Imagine Christiano Ronaldo partying more than football practice

Imagine Mark Zuckerberg spending more time in gossip than on facebook...

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