If you are a frequent flyer and you have experienced a very difficult turbulence then you will know that the most dreaded words from the cockpit of a pilot are May Day. Somehow these are 2 words already associated with a state of hopelessness which could mean that a crash was imminent but in actually fact it means ‘HELP ME’ or ‘COME and HELP ME’.


But the question is who should come and help and does the person have the capacity to help in the situation we find ourselves?

There was a MAY DAY account over 2000years ago in which there was going to be a shipwreck and the sailor had already signaled MAY DAY with everyone preparing for the worst except the young Jewish Rabbi who was asleep on a pillow.


Why was this guy asleep when everyone else seem to have lost hope? Why was he not scared?


The answer was simple; he had enough understanding that by predestination there was no way he would have...

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The Catholic pathway to solving social problems

faith Oct 30, 2020

I was on a project as a consultant a couple years ago. It was a catholic and a US agency sponsored project. I was very excited about it since it was my first project that would have links to the Vatican and I needed to maximize it.
As I went through the entire curriculum which had been delivered in over 70000 communities I carefully noticed that there was no mention of god factor or prayer time in the entire 28 week intervention. As a matter of fact there was no hail Mary or sign of rosary. It could have passed for a Harvard led intervention because it was purely data driven and scientific in its execution yet very effective.
My brief was to review the entire curriculum and make Inputs that made it user friendly to a particular country. I noticed there were ways to measure the intervention and there were milestones to the entire project.
I was so blown away that I had to engage one of the foreigners on the project and sought to find out how they solved social problems and the guy said...

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The Death of SHAME

faith Sep 24, 2020

One of my favorite sessions in group coaching and therapy is the tree of life system. 
This is one activity that promotes our humanity and helps us see ourselves the way we are. It is an activity that makes you draw your entire life as a tree showing 
your root - background, 
your right trunk- the good memories, 
Your left trunk - Your bad memories 
Your branches - hopes and aspirations 
Your fruits - Gifts and talents 
Your leaves - People in your life that inspire you 
Tree insects - Secrets and habits that can take you down

The most vital aspect of the exercise is when you have to exchange your tree with a partner and share without shame your entire life history.

In the last one year i have seen people destroy shame by freely sharing their pains and dirty sides that no one knows. I have seen people experience liberation by simply knowing that there is not one of us without a dark patch. I have boldly share my errors and mistakes and foolishness...

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We have been here before....

faith Sep 23, 2020

Dateline: August 1986 in Ijebu Imushin I was an Anglican boy and one of the most brilliant drummers in church. All we knew was worship through hymns and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Your church was a big church if you had the luxury of drums set and a pipe organ but if you are able to add the Casio keyboard then you were truly big because it was just coming into the mainstream.
My father was the Archdeacon of the Ijebu East archdeaconry and one of the most respected priests in the diocese.

We had boys brigade that kept us busy and you were well respected in your brigade uniform infact if you were the mace bearer you were huge and so many babes and guys were left drooling for you.

Guess what?

We never missed anything and we never knew there was another life. As a matter of fact we could brag we were at the top of civilization and we considered churches like Cele and co as not as civilized as we were. Somehow our siblings started going to higher institutions while we got into secondary...

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