The power of your RITUAL


The power of your RITUAL

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily; the secret of your future is in your daily routine – John C Maxwell


There is no high performing player who doesn’t have a daily ritual that makes their his life looks boring but highly effective.

I have studied so many high flyers and interviewed a number of successful people and consistently discovered the style that creates their life. It is often a narrow path that not many discover because too many of us love the broadway that looks good but will never take us to where we truly want to go.


Truth is a keen study of your 24hours is enough to conclude if you will eventually land where you truly want to go or you are depending on luck.

Imagine Anthony Joshua hanging out in clubs and bars more than gym

Imagine Christiano Ronaldo partying more than football practice

Imagine Mark Zuckerberg spending more time in gossip than on facebook innovation

Imagine Adenike Ogunlesi of Ruff and Tumble spending more time window shopping than creating designs and building systems?


Show me what takes most of your time and energy and I will show you where you are headed. The moment your style is not designed intentionally to deliver the future you truly seek you give control of your life to others

Your routine is the behaviour code that takes you in the direction of your destination and if you get the code right success is simply an effect.

Can your routine deliver your future?

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