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I sit over domestic violence cases consistently and one common pattern I have noticed is the unequal yoke of the couples each time we run their beliefs assessment tests. The gap is often too wide that you knew they should never have married if the right things had been done in their marital preparatory class if there was any to start with.

Consistently a man whose definition of manhood is the superior gender that must be worshipped irrespective of his wisdom and competence marries a woman whose definition of a womanhood is the feminine expression of humanity(where manhood to her is defined as humanity).

How can these two live together successfully without any friction?

Assumption and lack of uniform definition of concepts and terms can totally destroy the joy of marriage that the two become a major accident waiting to happen. That is why beliefs alignment becomes critical in every marriage and this goes beyond words; the consistent action is what proves what we say not our mere words.

Here are the things you want to check here;

  • Your definitions of male and female
  • Your definitions of husband and wife
  • Your definition of marriage and love
  • Your beliefs about family finance and accountability
  • Your beliefs about work (individual progress) and productivity
  • Your beliefs about respect, love and sex
  • Your beliefs about inlaw relationships and their limitations
  • Your beliefs about God and spirituality
  • Your beliefs about food and traditional roles vs collaboration
  • Your mutual perception of personal identity and passion

I have defined marriage as the coming together of a man and woman from two different nations to create a new nation that will promote the best interest of everyone and whose culture will give our world rest.

To be continued.