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Your job is not secular…..

spirituality Jan 09, 2022

Thanks so much for your amazing response to my session yesterday.

I am glad someone raised the issue about the difference between secular and spiritual which is one of the biggest injustice done to the work place and work ethics in many third world countries. That notion that what you do in your religious house is spiritual and what is done at work is secular has led to the greatest yet least observed brain drains in many third world countries.


I once had a coaching session with a medical doctor who felt called by ‘God’ to leave the hospitals for ‘ministry’ in his words ‘This medical work has robbed me of my spiritual work and has made me miss his presence. I am thinking of calling it quit so that I can go into full time ministry  and serve God’


I listened attentively and started quizzing his thought process. I asked him;


  • What would be God’s priority in a nation with a ratio of 1 doctor to 10000 patients? More ministers or more doctors?
  • By what power are you able to assist clients walk out of the hospital hale and hearty?
  • Whose interest do you serve in the hospital? God or Satan

By the time he finished answering his brain had become recalibrated because the hospital was already his pulpit and the stethoscope his microphone. But with a sabotaging belief that separates spiritual from secular he was about to destroy more lives and leave them at the mercy of an ill equipped system.


I taught him the concept of his work as worship and his life was totally transformed. The moment we see our daily work as worship unto God it changes everything we do and we will see that God is happy when we become indispensable at work.


Let your competence so shine before your boss that he may experience your incredible productivity and ultimately glorify your father in heaven.


Be a Saviour today and be indispensable today.


Praise Fowowe