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THE Galacticos Marriage

couples galacticos marriage marriage and family life Jan 09, 2022

Her father was a senator while his father was a minister and they have been business associates for two decades. Bob and Risky are two silver spoons who had their education outside the country. Their parents felt they should take their relationship further by arranging for their children to be married.


The wedding ended up becoming one of those 'wedding of the year' type. It was the talk of the town and so much money was spent putting it together. But the marriage did not go through its first year before the two of them went their separate ways under flimsy excuses. Of course it was an all star marriage otherwise known as ‘Galacticos’.


This is a relationship in which the two parties have not learnt to serve so it’s difficult for them to serve each other. It is characterized by the quest to out-do each other and hold unto power.


How many times have we had celebrity weddings hit the rock in and out of Nigeria? I marvel at the rate of divorce in our showbiz industry and I am pained at how fickle we have become. Money can buy a good wedding but money isn’t going to buy you humility and what it takes to run a home.


Have you become that star that is out of control or are you such a spoilt brat that you feel you are larger than life? There is no point getting into marriage if all you want to do is to control the other person. If you are a control seeker it would pay you more to join FRSC than make a mockery out of your marriage.


More money and more flowers isn’t going to work until you grow the flower from within which is the flower of character and service which blossoms and delivers a desirable marriage. Even though you are constantly on the red carpet, you know your marriage is heading for the trash carpet. You can turn things around and make things work so don’t give up just yet.


Many of our celebs fail to understand that it takes more than fame and money to run a home so they never know when to step down from the red carpet and come to terms with the fact that they are not celebrity at home.


Many have had their marriages collapse because of their quest to live up to the hype the media has created for them. Is your marriage characterised by the following:


Constant power tussle + quest to outdo each other + heavy investments in liabilities(cars and wardrobe) + ineffective communication + distrust and unfaithfulness + questionable parity in every area(professional, finance) + display of individualism etc


But why do people find themselves in this type of marriage?


💍Arrangement – If the marriage was arranged by both parents + Upbringing. Many silver spoons were brought up to be served and they carry that into marriage.


💍Celebrity syndrome– You have suddenly become famous, with lots of connection and feel you don’t actually need your spouse because you can afford anything money can buy


💍Pride – You feel money and sex is all it takes to run a successful home.


Truth is, the children in this marriage are the worst hit by this formation because their mentality about marriage would very likely be messed up and they may eventually become dysfunctional.


Marriage is beyond boy meets girl on red carpet; it requires a lot of humility because only dead(selfless) people can stay married successfully. Have a fabulous Sunday.


To be continued


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