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How To Ask People For Money On Social Media

Jul 22, 2021
I am sure you are familiar with people asking you for money regularly on social media.

I am almost sure both sides are becoming tired already, and I mean those asking and those giving.

I have found the easiest way for both parties to be happy, and in case you are planning to ask someone for money, kindly follow these steps, and you will always get money:

1. Do an in-depth study of the person you want to get money from

2. Find out what they do for a living and what gives them the money you are about to demand. They most likely have a product or service

3. Find out the prices of their products and think of how much you can make if you become their sales agent/affiliate marketer

4. Calculate the exact amount you want to ask for and multiply it by 1000

5. Find out how many of their products you can sell and study who needs those products. In fact, start practising how to promote the product such that those you want to pitch to will find them irresistible

6. Slide into their DM and tell them you have found a way for them to sell 100 extra products or services monthly, but you would want 30% on whatever conversion you make for them. They will never say no to you, and they will excitedly give you money for the rest of your life if you don't stop

7. Repeat the process with as many as possible, and you will become someone whose DM others will start sliding into

Listen to me - this is the best way to ask people for money and get your request(s) attended to with speed.

To scorn what people are killing themselves to earn from and wait to slide into their DM to ask for your share no longer works.

Ensure you share this with everyone you know, and both sides will win.