Re-Thinking the Family Life Sector

In my entire years of practice I have carefully observed this most important yet unstructured sector that actually holds the key to the peace that our world seeks. 

I have taken a number of courses and seen results across the difference schools of thoughts that make up the family life sphere across a number of countries. 

One thing we have all failed to acknowledge is the fact that none of us can truly do all the work and the other truth we all run away from is that there is no single template that can resolve the several complex issues that families face. 

As a matter of fact no template can boast of 100% success rate which brings me to the almighty question:

Why do Family Life Practitioners across the globe find it difficult to work together since we all want to solve the same problem and why do we fail to admit the limitations of our school of thought? 

Those from the academia have done so well with research but with new research and counter research there is no agreement on a uniform template for resolving family issues using family science yet they sometimes look with suspicion and distance with the non - academia solution providers. For examples I have worked with family life coaches whose template belongs to the neuro linguistics Programming school which has also proven to be quite effective and has taken a life of its own across the globe yet I have seen a problem wherein they also look at those from academia and conclude their theories are not practical. 

I wonder what can happen if there is a mix of the two and even other schools that have a semblance of verifiable result? 

What if the non -academia have answers to the issues academia can’t resolve and vice versa? Are we willing to even listen to one another and see our areas of alignment especially since we all want to help people? 

While I know there are those whose template is based on nothing and creating problems for the sector I feel we can all come together and create an entry level that accommodates those with visible results and exchange thoughts and ideas that can truly solve human problems. 

I hope my distinguished colleagues across the globe gets to read this and find a way to make it work. 

The world hurts 

The world bleeds 

The world needs healing 

The same way orthodox medicine has found expression for alternative medicine is the same way we must find a way to accommodate those that have demonstrated some results or else we will self sabotage in our bid to prove that our template is the only template even when our results doesn’t support that. 




Praise Fowowe 

Institute of Family Engineering and Development Africa 


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