Do not be unequally yoked together with an unbeliever is an instruction from Paul of Tarsus that holds through even till now. The challenge however is the over complication of the simple English word ‘UNBELIEVER’ 

An unbeliever is simply someone who doesn’t believe your beliefs and it doesn’t make the person a bad person because there is a group somewhere else who share their beliefs and they are believers to those group. Sometimes however the problem is in the way many of us were raised and the beliefs that our handlers imposed on us which we never bothered to troubleshoot. 


Beliefs incompatibility more than anything has snuffed life out of many relationships because they went in without aligning several of these beliefs. Couples leave two many critical areas undiscussed in marriage yet they consistently experience ‘culture clash’ with their originating nations(families) consistently going to war. 


Our beliefs is not often the truth; they are simply what we have held to be true but when subjected to the scrutiny of LOVE, FAIRNESS and EQUITY many of them will fall like a pack of cards. That you have held unto it for too long or that majority believe it doesn’t make it true. A German married to a Togolese will suffer beliefs clash even if they both belong to the same religion simply because they see things differently and only a beliefs alignment can assist couples successfully navigate this. 


Each time I assist couples navigate beliefs alignment in my accelerated coaching sessions a lot of husbands especially are shocked at how many of their cultural beliefs have held their spouses bound and produced an unhappy spouse who they can’t fully enjoy. Your cultural and in some cases religious beliefs may just be what is holding your spouse back from totally giving himself/herself to you and being bullish will never solve the problems; only beliefs alignment is. 


Beliefs alignment however is not difficult to attain but you may need a skilled professional to help you navigate the process. Some of these beliefs are sometimes as mundane as cooking, superiority, bread winning or even choice of friendships but until there is a proper alignment you may deprive yourself of the full expression of your spouse. 

The beliefs from the family both of you came out from may be sabotaging the best interest of your marriage and until you align your beliefs to reflect the future you both want to create enjoyment may be far from both of you.

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