I invested 6hours with a group of top executives in a particular sector 2days ago  and it was fun sharing all I have learnt over the years with these amazing people but it also brought to the fore the fact that loads of people are faking things when marriage actually died a long time ago.  One thing that stood out for all of them was how nobody actually asked them why they wanted to marry? It just felt natural to do once they got a job only to get in and see the gaps created by the questions they never asked/.  

How does a man marry a woman & stifle her growth or forbid her from fully expressing her potentials because of his own insecurity that masks itself as care for the family? A lot of women are depressed at the moment simply because their flights have been compromised by men who seek to clip their wings yet society have counseled that they set up a ‘war room’ as if that room is a magical...

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Are you a ferrari trapped in the body of a Mazda?



Until there is a clear purpose for getting married that requires the rest of your life to achieve as a team, every marital challenge provides an opportunity to press the exit button. If the reward for staying married for 40years is that the whole of China would be handed over to you as your property what will you do differently?

Why did you marry your spouse or what do you want to marry?

Unfortunately people's reasons are mostly selfish. While that may not be a problem to them it becomes evident that they married the other person for themselves based on their preconceived notion of the role they figured out the person should perform in their lives without seeking to discover what's most important to this person and seek to find a way to help him/her achieve it.

The idea that someone's dream must be sacrificed for the other person's dream to be fully realized is one of the major causes of depression globally but it masks itself as...

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In 18years of working with troubled relationships I have heard all sorts in counseling room that makes it easy to decipher why couples struggle about what should have been avoided.

Often times we have presented marriage as the ultimate state of life thereby putting unnecessary pressure on singles who have been badly engineered. How well can someone with an abusive past sustain a marriage when that abuse has not been well handled?

I can tell you for free that 9 out of every 10 couple I have worked with have never been able to satisfactorily answer the question "Why did you marry" and most of my clients never have a marital vision when they show up for their sessions.

I have heard some men tell me they married because they have always longed for someone to take care of the home front. You already know that man never needed a wife; what he wanted was a house keeper.

Another told me he married because he...

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Chuks graduated from a prestigious University and it wasn't a problem getting his dream job after all his dad was well connected. He grew up with a retinue of house helps who were always there to serve him and even now that he has rented his apartment he has 3 domestic helps. He hadn't been lucky with relationships however because of his bad temper but his mum is on his neck to get married and produce a grandchild for her. The young man is under serious pressure but not even his mum is aware that he is an accidental spouse in waiting.

Yemisi on the other hand suddenly woke up at 33 and felt her biological clock was ticking and decided to marry Emma one of the nation's finest musicians who has a history of baby mamas but has been counselled by his mentor to get married to curb his uncontrollable sexual desires.

They both met on set during a movie award where Yemisi coasted home 5 awards having become the hottest actress and always on the front pages of every fashion...

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If you are a frequent flyer and you have experienced a very difficult turbulence then you will know that the most dreaded words from the cockpit of a pilot are May Day. Somehow these are 2 words already associated with a state of hopelessness which could mean that a crash was imminent but in actually fact it means ‘HELP ME’ or ‘COME and HELP ME’.


But the question is who should come and help and does the person have the capacity to help in the situation we find ourselves?

There was a MAY DAY account over 2000years ago in which there was going to be a shipwreck and the sailor had already signaled MAY DAY with everyone preparing for the worst except the young Jewish Rabbi who was asleep on a pillow.


Why was this guy asleep when everyone else seem to have lost hope? Why was he not scared?


The answer was simple; he had enough understanding that by predestination there was no way he would have...

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The power of your RITUAL - 2

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2021



The power of your RITUAL & ROUTINE  – 2

Here are a couples of facts about your ritual and routine


  • There is no greatness without a great routine
  • Every time you seek greatness without an intentional routine you set yourself up for accidental success
  • Routine makes giants and routine keep giants
  • Show me a global icon that has totally fallen off the cliff of greatness; I will show you a man who stopped paying attention to the routine that brought him to stardom
  • Your routine is the behaviour code that takes you in the direction of your destination and if you get the code right success is simply an effect
  • The bane of many is not understand the routine that must deliver the success they seek
  • If you get the routine wrong it is almost impossible to get the result right except by divine providence

Your routine is the sure route to delivering the result you desire. It is actually the prophesy that points you to your greatness and the...

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The power of your RITUAL


The power of your RITUAL

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily; the secret of your future is in your daily routine – John C Maxwell


There is no high performing player who doesn’t have a daily ritual that makes their his life looks boring but highly effective.

I have studied so many high flyers and interviewed a number of successful people and consistently discovered the style that creates their life. It is often a narrow path that not many discover because too many of us love the broadway that looks good but will never take us to where we truly want to go.


Truth is a keen study of your 24hours is enough to conclude if you will eventually land where you truly want to go or you are depending on luck.

Imagine Anthony Joshua hanging out in clubs and bars more than gym

Imagine Christiano Ronaldo partying more than football practice

Imagine Mark Zuckerberg spending more time in gossip than on facebook...

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Once upon a time Israel had a freedom fighter called Moses who created what is now known in corporate circles as the principle of delegation as well as showing humanity the possibility of walking through the ocean by parting the red sea from where the invention of bridges was taken.


But there was something instructive about Moses that was lost on many which was chronicled by King David in his poems. He wrote ‘Moses knew the way of God and the children of Israel His Acts’ therein lies the greatest secrets of breakthroughs because those that understand the ways will consistently produce the acts.

If you want to know the true secrets of a man go to his ‘BACK END’ and not the’FRONT END’ because every champion you see had a back end life that is not visible to many. So, while many get excited at their results and pray to God to replicate such they have not paid attention...

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personal development Jan 26, 2021


Yesterday, Chelsea football club sacked their all time leading goal scorer Frank Lampard as their coach no thanks to a run of poor results. A lot of people did not believe he could be fired because his hiring was at best emotional having not had any prior top class experience of either managing a top team or assisting a top coach.
Frank Lampard retired from football and went into coaching and he was handed a team in the championship called Derby county. The team was 6th when he took over and despite their late push for promotion with some expansive football they still ended the season at 6th.
Everyone was impressed at his style of football and being a club legend many were convinced he was the right coach for Chelsea citing Pep Guardiola of Man City and Zidane of Real Madrid but they all forgot that these 2 coaches assisted some of the best football coaches and coached lower sides before they were entrusted with top teams.

Frank Lampard...

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The Catholic pathway to solving social problems

faith Oct 30, 2020

I was on a project as a consultant a couple years ago. It was a catholic and a US agency sponsored project. I was very excited about it since it was my first project that would have links to the Vatican and I needed to maximize it.
As I went through the entire curriculum which had been delivered in over 70000 communities I carefully noticed that there was no mention of god factor or prayer time in the entire 28 week intervention. As a matter of fact there was no hail Mary or sign of rosary. It could have passed for a Harvard led intervention because it was purely data driven and scientific in its execution yet very effective.
My brief was to review the entire curriculum and make Inputs that made it user friendly to a particular country. I noticed there were ways to measure the intervention and there were milestones to the entire project.
I was so blown away that I had to engage one of the foreigners on the project and sought to find out how they solved social problems and the guy said...

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